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15-Jan-2011DNA strand breaks and hypoxia response inhibition mediate the radiosensitisation effect of nitric oxide donors on prostate cancer under varying oxygen conditions.Stewart, GD; Nanda, J; Katz, E; Bowman, KJ; Christie, JG; Brown, DJ; McLaren, DB; Riddick, AC; Ross, JA; Jones, GD; Habib, FKJournal Article
5-Apr-2012A 19S proteasomal subunit cooperates with an ERK MAPK-regulated degron to regulate accumulation of Fra-1 in tumour cells.Pakay, JL; Diesch, J; Gilan, O; Yip, YY; Sayan, E; Kolch, W; Mariadason, JM; Hannan, RD; Tulchinsky, E; Dhillon, ASJournal Article
20-Jan-2012miR-125b and miR-155 contribute to BCL2 repression and proliferation in response to CD40 ligand (CD154) in human leukemic B-cells.Willimott, S; Wagner, SDJournal Article
Mar-2011Platinum resistant cancer cells conserve sensitivity to BH3 domains and obatoclax induced mitochondrial apoptosis.Crawford, N; Chacko, AD; Savage, KI; McCoy, F; Redmond, K; Longley, DB; Fennell, DAJournal Article
2010Obatoclax induces Atg7-dependent autophagy independent of beclin-1 and BAX/BAK.McCoy, F; Hurwitz, J; McTavish, N; Paul, I; Barnes, C; O'Hagan, B; Odrzywol, K; Murray, J; Longley, D; McKerr, G; Fennell, DAJournal Article
Nov-2011Conatumumab (AMG 655) coated nanoparticles for targeted pro-apoptotic drug delivery.Fay, F; McLaughlin, KM; Small, DM; Fennell, DA; Johnston, PG; Longley, DB; Scott, CJJournal Article
15-Jan-2012Ran is a potential therapeutic target for cancer cells with molecular changes associated with activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTORC1 and Ras/MEK/ERK pathways.Yuen, HF; Chan, KK; Grills, C; Murray, JT; Platt-Higgins, A; Eldin, OS; O'Byrne, K; Janne, P; Fennell, DA; Johnston, PG; Rudland, PS; El-Tanani, MJournal Article
Jun-2012BRCA1 is an essential mediator of vinorelbine-induced apoptosis in mesothelioma.Busacca, S; Sheaff, M; Arthur, K; Gray, SG; O'Byrne, KJ; Richard, DJ; Soltermann, A; Opitz, I; Pass, H; Harkin, DP; Quinn, JE; Fennell, DAJournal Article
May-2012Vorinostat/SAHA-induced apoptosis in malignant mesothelioma is FLIP/caspase 8-dependent and HR23B-independent.Hurwitz, JL; Stasik, I; Kerr, EM; Holohan, C; Redmond, KM; McLaughlin, KM; Busacca, S; Barbone, D; Broaddus, VC; Gray, SG; O'Byrne, KJ; Johnston, PG; Fennell, DA; Longley, DBJournal Article
Oct-2010Novel monoclonal antibodies detect Smad-interacting protein 1 (SIP1) in the cytoplasm of human cells from multiple tumor tissue arrays.Oztas, E; Avci, ME; Ozcan, A; Sayan, AE; Tulchinsky, E; Yagci, TJournal Article