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2009Tumour-associated tenascin-C isoforms promote breast cancer cell invasion and growth by matrix metalloproteinase-dependent and independent mechanisms.Hancox, RA; Allen, MD; Holliday, DL; Edwards, DR; Pennington, CJ; Guttery, DS; Shaw, JA; Walker, RA; Pringle, JH; Jones, JLJournal Article
Sep-2006The importance of careful blood processing in isolation of cell-free DNA.Page, K; Powles, T; Slade, MJ; DE Bella MT; Walker, RA; Coombes, RC; Shaw, JAJournal Article
Nov-2000Differential effects of cyclosporin and tacrolimus on the expression of fibrosis-associated genes in isolated glomeruli from renal transplants.Bicknell, GR; Williams, ST; Shaw, JA; Pringle, JH; Furness, PN; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Feb-2011Circulating tumor cells and plasma DNA analysis in patients with indeterminate early or metastatic breast cancer.Shaw, JA; Brown, J; Coombes, RC; Jacob, J; Payne, R; Lee, B; Page, K; Hava, N; Stebbing, JJournal Article
Dec-2010Expression of tenascin-C and its isoforms in the breast.Guttery, DS; Shaw, JA; Lloyd, K; Pringle, JH; Walker, RAJournal Article
12-Apr-2011Detection of HER2 amplification in circulating free DNA in patients with breast cancer.Page, K; Hava, N; Ward, B; Brown, J; Guttery, DS; Ruangpratheep, C; Blighe, K; Sharma, A; Walker, RA; Coombes, RC; Shaw, JAJournal Article
Feb-2012Genomic analysis of circulating cell-free DNA infers breast cancer dormancy.Shaw, JA; Page, K; Blighe, K; Hava, N; Guttery, D; Ward, B; Brown, J; Ruangpratheep, C; Stebbing, J; Payne, R; Palmieri, C; Cleator, S; Walker, RA; Coombes, RCJournal Article