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May-1993Modulation of cell surface components of human breast cancer cells by retinoic acid: enhanced HLA-DR expression.Gardner, FJ; Walker, RAJournal Article
Aug-1992Alteration of stromal protein and integrin expression in breast--a marker of premalignant change?Jones, JL; Critchley, DR; Walker, RAJournal Article
Oct-1999Expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9, their inhibitors, and the activator MT1-MMP in primary breast carcinomas.Jones, JL; Glynn, P; Walker, RAJournal Article
Oct-1995Determination of transforming growth factor beta 1 mRNA expression in breast carcinomas by in situ hybridization.Walker, RA; Gallacher, BJournal Article
Mar-1999Proteinuria induces tubular cell turnover: A potential mechanism for tubular atrophy.Thomas, ME; Brunskill, NJ; Harris, KP; Bailey, E; Pringle, JH; Furness, PN; Walls, JJournal Article
Sep-1991Epstein-Barr viral DNA in Hodgkin's disease: amplification and detection using the polymerase chain reaction.Brocksmith, D; Angel, CA; Pringle, JH; Lauder, IJournal Article
May-1998Sporadic ret-rearranged papillary carcinoma of the thyroid: a subset of slow growing, less aggressive thyroid neoplasms?Soares, P; Fonseca, E; Wynford-Thomas, D; Sobrinho-Simões, MJournal Article
Apr-1991The expression of c-fos protein in human breast.Walker, RA; Cowl, JJournal Article
Oct-1993Expression of the pS2 peptide in primary breast carcinomas: comparison of membrane and cytoplasmic staining patterns.Dookeran, KA; Rye, PD; Dearing, SJ; Walker, RAJournal Article
Mar-1998Decreased apoptosis in non-involved tissue from cancer-containing breasts.Hassan, HI; Walker, RAJournal Article