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May-1993Modulation of cell surface components of human breast cancer cells by retinoic acid: enhanced HLA-DR expression.Gardner, FJ; Walker, RAJournal Article
Aug-1992Alteration of stromal protein and integrin expression in breast--a marker of premalignant change?Jones, JL; Critchley, DR; Walker, RAJournal Article
Oct-1999Expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9, their inhibitors, and the activator MT1-MMP in primary breast carcinomas.Jones, JL; Glynn, P; Walker, RAJournal Article
Oct-1995Determination of transforming growth factor beta 1 mRNA expression in breast carcinomas by in situ hybridization.Walker, RA; Gallacher, BJournal Article
2009Tumour-associated tenascin-C isoforms promote breast cancer cell invasion and growth by matrix metalloproteinase-dependent and independent mechanisms.Hancox, RA; Allen, MD; Holliday, DL; Edwards, DR; Pennington, CJ; Guttery, DS; Shaw, JA; Walker, RA; Pringle, JH; Jones, JLJournal Article
May-2011Polyomavirus enhancer activator 3 protein promotes breast cancer metastatic progression through Snail-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition.Yuen, HF; Chan, YK; Grills, C; McCrudden, CM; Gunasekharan, V; Shi, Z; Wong, AS; Lappin, TR; Chan, KW; Fennell, DA; Khoo, US; Johnston, PG; El-Tanani, MJournal Article
9-Aug-2011Wnt-β-catenin-Tcf-4 signalling-modulated invasiveness is dependent on osteopontin expression in breast cancer.Ravindranath, A; Yuen, HF; Chan, KK; Grills, C; Fennell, DA; Lappin, TR; El-Tanani, MJournal Article
15-Jan-2012Ran is a potential therapeutic target for cancer cells with molecular changes associated with activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTORC1 and Ras/MEK/ERK pathways.Yuen, HF; Chan, KK; Grills, C; Murray, JT; Platt-Higgins, A; Eldin, OS; O'Byrne, K; Janne, P; Fennell, DA; Johnston, PG; Rudland, PS; El-Tanani, MJournal Article
Jun-2008Immunohistochemical markers as predictive tools for breast cancer.Walker, RAJournal Article
Mar-2005Phenotypic expression of double heterozygosity for BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutations.Leegte, B; van der Hout AH; Deffenbaugh, AM; Bakker, MK; Mulder, IM; ten Berge A; Leenders, EP; Wesseling, J; de Hullu J; Hoogerbrugge, N; Ligtenberg, MJ; Ardern-Jones, A; Bancroft, E; Salmon, A; Barwell, J; Eeles, R; Oosterwijk, JCJournal Article