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Mar-2010Microwave ablation for unresectable hepatic tumours: clinical results using a novel microwave probe and generator.Bhardwaj, N; Strickland, AD; Ahmad, F; El-Abassy, M; Morgan, B; Robertson, GS; Lloyd, DMJournal Article
Nov-2010The use of post-mortem computed tomography in the investigation of intentional neonatal upper airway obstruction: an illustrated case.Rutty, GN; Jeffery, AJ; Raj, V; Morgan, BJournal Article
Jan-2009Routine use of positive oral contrast material is not required for oncology patients undergoing follow-up multidetector CT.Harieaswar, S; Rajesh, A; Griffin, Y; Tyagi, R; Morgan, BJournal Article
7-May-2009A functional form for injected MRI Gd-chelate contrast agent concentration incorporating recirculation, extravasation and excretion.Horsfield, MA; Thornton, JS; Gill, A; Jager, HR; Priest, AN; Morgan, BJournal Article
Dec-2001An audit of hip radiographs performed for general practitioners.Bhatt, R; Rajesh, A; Morgan, B; Finlay, DJournal Article
Nov-2008Anthropological measurement of lower limb and foot bones using multi-detector computed tomography.Robinson, C; Eisma, R; Morgan, B; Jeffery, A; Graham, EA; Black, S; Rutty, GNJournal Article
Aug-2011The criminal justice system's considerations of so-called near-virtual autopsies: the East Midlands experience.Jeffery, A; Raj, V; Morgan, B; West, K; Rutty, GNJournal Article
Mar-2011Demonstrating the origin of cardiac air embolism using post-mortem computed tomography; an illustrated case.Saunders, S; Kotecha, D; Morgan, B; Raj, V; Rutty, GJournal Article