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1-Jan-2012Comparing statistical models to predict dengue fever notificationsEarnest, A.; Tan, S.B.; Wilder-Smith, A.; Machin, DavidJournal Article
1-Mar-2010ZEB proteins link cell motility with cell cycle control and cell survival in cancerBrowne, G; Sayan, AE; Tulchinsky, EJournal Article
1-Apr-2010Ofatumumab, a Novel CD20 Monoclonal Antibody, Is Active in Patients With Fludarabine- and Alemtuzumab-Refractory or Bulky Fludarabine-Refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Irrespective of Prior Rituximab (vol 9, pg E36, 2009)Wierda, W; Kipps, T; Mayer, J; Stilgenbauer, S; Williams, CD; Hellmann, A; Robak, T; Furman, RR; Hillmen, P; Trneny, M; Dyer, MJS; Padmanabhan, S; Piotrowska, M; Kozak, T; Chan, G; Davis, R; Losic, N; Wilms, J; Russell, C; Osterborg, AJournal Article
1-Jul-2010Determination of 8-oxo-2 '-deoxyguanosine and creatinine in murine and human urine by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry: application to chemoprevention studies (vol 23, pg 258, 2009)Teichert, F; Verschoyle, RD; Greaves, P; Thorpe, JF; Mellon, JK; Steward, WP; Farmer, PB; Gescher, AJ; Singh, RJournal Article
23-Jun-2010Easily Missed EndometriosisEngemise, S; Gordon, C; Konje, JCJournal Article
1-Apr-2011Late Onset Bowel Dysfunction Post-pelvic Radiotherapy: a National Survey of Current Practice and Opinions of Clinical OncologistsHenson, C; Andreyev, HJ; Symonds, RP; Peel, D; Swindell, R; Davidson, SEJournal Article
1-Apr-2011Late Onset Bowel Dysfunction Post-pelvic Radiotherapy: a National Survey of Current Practice of GastroenterologistsHenson, C; Davidson, SE; Symonds, RP; Swindell, R; Andreyev, HJJournal Article
19-May-2011Analysis and Design of Randomised Clinical Trials Involving Competing Risks EndpointsTai, B-C.; Wee, J.; Machin, D.Journal Article
16-Oct-2013Patient-initiated questions: How can doctors encourage them and improve the consultation process? A qualitative studyMurtagh, G. M.; Furber, L.; Thomas, Anne L.Journal Article
21-Nov-2013Prdm6 Is Essential for Cardiovascular Development In VivoGewies, A.; Castineiras-Vilarino, M.; Ferch, U.; Jaehrling, N.; Heinrich, K.; Hoeckendorf, U.; Przemeck, G. K. H.; Munding, M.; Gross, O.; Schroeder, T.; Horsch, M.; Karran, E. Loraine; Majid, Aneela; Antonowicz, Stefan; Beckers, J.; de Angelis, M. H.; Dodt, H-U.; Peschel, C.; Foerster, I.; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Ruland, J.Journal Article