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12-Mar-2016Doctors qualified from Chinese Universities with “English Parallel” courses registered with the General Medical CouncilMayberry, John F.Journal Article
20-Jun-2016Severe spontaneous hemoperitoneum in pregnancy may be linked to in vitro fertilization in patients with endometriosis: a systematic reviewBrosens, Ivo A.; Lier, Marit C.; Mijatovic, Velja; Benagiano, GiuseppeJournal Article
6-Feb-2015Characterization and Propagation of Tumor Initiating Cells Derived from Colorectal Liver Metastases: Trials, Tribulations and a Cautionary NoteJames, Mark I.; Howells, Lynne M.; Karmokar, Ankur; Higgins, Jennifer A.; Greaves, Peter; Cai, Hong; Dennison, Ashley; Metcalfe, Matthew; Garcea, Giuseppe; Lloyd, David M.; Berry, David B.; Steward, William P.; Brown, KarenJournal Article
4-Mar-2012Relative expression of TAp73 and ΔNp73 isoformsConforti, Franco; Yang, Ai Li; Agostini, Massimiliano; Rufini, Alessandro; Tucci, Paola; Nicklison-Chirou, Maria; Grespi, Francesca; Velletri, Tania; Knight, Richard A.; Melino, Gerry; Sayan, Berna S.Journal Article
30-Nov-2012Nutrient availability links mitochondria, apoptosis, and obesityPintus, Francesca; Floris, Giovanni; Rufini, AlessandroJournal Article
13-Nov-2014TAp73 promotes anti-senescence-anabolism not proliferationAgostini, Massimiliano; Niklison-Chirou, Maria Victoria; Catani, Maria Valeria; Knight, Richard A.; Melino, Gerry; Rufini, AlessandroJournal Article
11-Feb-2016SIRT1 at the crossroads of AKT1 and ERβ in malignant pleural mesothelioma cellsPinton, Giulia; Zonca, Sara; Manente, Arcangela G.; Cavaletto, Maria; Borroni, Ester; Daga, Antonio; Jithesh, Puthen V.; Fennell, Dean A.; Nilsson, Stefan; Moro, LauraJournal Article
24-Sep-2014Association between gene expression profiles and clinical outcome of pemetrexed-based treatment in patients with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer: exploratory results from a phase II studyFennell, Dean A.; Myrand, Scott P.; Nguyen, Tuan S.; Ferry, David; Kerr, Keith M.; Maxwell, Perry; Moore, Stephen D.; Visseren-Grul, Carla; Das, Mayukh; Nicolson, Marianne C.Journal Article
Oct-2013The deubiquitinating enzyme USP17 is associated with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) recurrence and metastasisMcFarlane, Cheryl; McFarlane, Suzanne; Paul, Ian; Arthur, Kenneth; Scheaff, Michael; Kerr, Keith; Stevenson, Michael; Fennell, Dean A.; Johnston, James A.Journal Article
22-Sep-2015MGL ligand expression is correlated to BRAF mutation and associated with poor survival of stage III colon cancer patients.Lenos, Kristiaan; Goos, Jeroen A. C. M.; Vuist, Ilona M.; den Uil, Sjoerd H.; Delis-van Diemen, Pien M.; Belt, Eric J.; Stockmann, Hein B. A. C.; Bril, Herman; de Wit, Meike; Carvalho, Beatriz; Giblett, Susan; Pritchard, Catrin A.; Meijer, Gerrit A.; van Kooyk, Yvette; Fijneman, Remond J. A.; van Vliet, Sandra J.Journal Article
10-Jun-2016Phosphorylations of Serines 21/9 in Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3α/β Are Not Required for Cell Lineage Commitment or WNT Signaling in the Normal Mouse IntestineHey, Fiona; Giblett, Susan; Forrest, Stephanie; Herbert, Chelsea; Pritchard, CatrinJournal Article
22-Apr-2016Metabolic pathways regulated by TAp73 in response to oxidative stressAgostini, Massimiliano; Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, Margherita; Melino, Gerry; Rufini, AlessandroJournal Article
28-Jan-2016Engagement of the B-cell receptor of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells drives global and MYC-specific mRNA translationYeomans, Alison; Thirdborough, Stephen M.; Valle-Argos, Beatriz; Linley, Adam; Krysov, Sergey; Hidalgo, Marina Sanchez; Leonard, Elodie; Ishfaq, Muhammad; Wagner, Simon D.; Willis, Anne E.; Steele, Andrew J.; Stevenson, Freda K.; Forconi, Francesco; Coldwell, Mark J.; Packham, GrahamJournal Article
13-Feb-2016Nonproliferative and Proliferative Lesions of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Pancreas and Salivary Glands of the Rat and MouseNolte, T.; Brander-Weber, P.; Dangler, C.; Deschl, U.; Elwell, M. R.; Greaves, Peter; Hailey, R.; Leach, M. W.; Pandiri, A. R.; Rogers, A.; Shackelford, C. C.; Spencer, A.; Tanaka, T.; Ward, J. M.Journal Article
26-Apr-2016Extracellular vesicles released by CD40/IL-4 stimulated chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells confer altered functional properties to CD4+ T cellsSmallwood, Dawn T.; Apollonio, Benedetta; Willimott, Shaun; Lezina, Larissa; Alharthi, Afaf; Ambrose, Ashley R.; De Rossi, Giulia; Ramsay, Alan G.; Wagner, Simon D.Journal Article
1-Jan-2016An Association of Cancer Physicians’ strategy for improving services and outcomes for cancer patientsBaird, R; Banks, I; Cameron, D; Chester, J; Earl, H; Flannagan, M; Januszewski, A; Kennedy, R; Payne, S; Samuel, E; Taylor, H; Agarwal, R; Ahmed, Samreen; Archer, C; Board, R; Carser, J; Copson, E; Cunningham, D; Coleman, R; Dangoor, A; Dark, G; Eccles, D; Gallagher, C; Glaser, A; Griffiths, R; Hall, G; Hall, M; Harari, D; Hawkins, M; Hill, M; Johnson, P; Jones, A; Kalsi, T; Karapanagiotou, E; Kemp, Z; Mansi, J; Marshall, E; Mitchell, A; Moe, M; Michie, C; Neal, R; Newsom-Davis, T; Norton, A; Osborne, R; Patel, G; Radford, J; Ring, A; Shaw, E; Skinner, R; Stark, D; Turnbull, S; Velikova, G; White, J; Young, A; Joffe, J; Selby, PJournal Article
1-Oct-2013Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancerEccles, S. A.; Aboagye, E. O.; Ali, S.; Anderson, A. S.; Armes, J.; Berditchevski, F.; Blaydes, J. P.; Brennan, K.; Brown, N. J.; Bryant, H. E.; Bundred, N. J.; Burchell, J. M.; Campbell, A. M.; Carroll, J. S.; Clarke, R. B.; Coles, C. E.; Cook, G. J.; Cox, A.; Curtin, N. J.; Dekker, L. V.; Silva, I. D. O. S. S.; Duffy, S. W.; Easton, D. F.; Eccles, D. M.; Edwards, D. R.; Edwards, J.; Evans, D.; Fenlon, D. F.; Flanagan, J. M.; Foster, C.; Gallagher, W. M.; Garcia-Closas, M.; Gee, J. M.; Gescher, A. J.; Goh, V.; Groves, A. M.; Harvey, A. J.; Harvie, M.; Hennessy, B. T.; Hiscox, S.; Holen, I.; Howell, S. J.; Howell, A.; Hubbard, G.; Hulbert-Williams, N.; Hunter, M. S.; Jasani, B.; Jones, L. J.; Key, T. J.; Kirwan, C. C.; Kong, A.; Kunkler, I. H.; Langdon, S. P.; Leach, M. O.; Mann, D. J.; Marshall, J. F.; Martin, L.; Martin, S. G.; Macdougall, J. E.; Miles, D. W.; Miller, W. R.; Morris, J. R.; Moss, S. M.; Mullan, P.; Natrajan, R.; O'Connor, J. P.; O'Connor, R.; Palmieri, C.; Pharoah, P. D.; Rakha, E. A.; Reed, E.; Robinson, S. P.; Sahai, E.; Saxton, J. M.; Schmid, P.; Smalley, M. J.; Speirs, V.; Stein, R.; Stingl, J.; Streuli, C. H.; Tutt, A. N.; Velikova, G.; Walker, Rosemary Ann; Watson, C. J.; Williams, K. J.; Young, L. S.; Thompson, A. M.Journal Article
23-Sep-2013Estrogen receptor β activation impairs mitochondrial oxidative metabolism and affects malignant mesothelioma cell growth in vitro and in vivoManente, A. G.; Valenti, D.; Pinton, G.; Jithesh, P. V.; Daga, A.; Rossi, L.; Gray, S. G.; O'Byrne, K. J.; Fennell, Dean Anthony; Vacca, R. A.; Nilsson, S.; Mutti, L.; Moro, L.Journal Article
18-May-2010A TRAIL-R1-specific ligand in combination with doxorubicin selectively targets primary breast tumour cells for apoptosisTwiddy, D.; Naik, S.; Mistry, R.; Edwards, J.; Walker, Rosemary Ann; Cohen, G. M.; MacFarlane, M.Conference Paper
30-Jun-2016Regulation of BRAF protein stability by a negative feedback loop involving the MEK-ERK pathway but not the FBXW7 tumour suppressorHernandez, Maria Aguilar; Patel, Bipin; Hey, Fiona; Giblett, Susan; Davis, Hayley; Pritchard, CatrinJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1573
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