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15-May-2015Bradykinin-activated contractile signalling pathways in human myometrial cells are differentially regulated by arrestin proteins.Willets, Jonathon Mark; Brighton, Paul J.; Windell, LN; Rana, S; Nash, Craig A.; Konje, Justin ChiJournal Article
30-Jun-2015Search for novel circulating cancer chemopreventive biomarkers of dietary rice bran intervention in Apc(Min) mice model of colorectal carcinogenesis, using proteomic and metabolic profiling strategies.Norris, Leonie; Malkar, A.; Horner-Glister, Emma; Hakimi, Amirmansoor; Ng, Leong L.; Gescher, Andreas J.; Creaser, Colin; Sale, Stewart; Jones, Donald J. L.Journal Article
28-Feb-2012Comparison of microfluidic digital PCR and conventional quantitative PCR for measuring copy number variationShaw, Jacqui A.; Whale, A. S.; Hugget, J. F.; Cowen, S.; Speirs, V.; Ellison, S.; Foy, C. A.; Scott, D. J.Journal Article
3-Apr-2014A Bioplex Analysis of Cytokines and Chemokines in First Trimester Maternal Plasma to Screen for Predictors of MiscarriageHannan, N. J.; Bambang, Katerina; Kaitu'u-Lino, T. J.; Konje, Justin C. Konje; Tong, S.Journal Article
4-Mar-2014The Ansamycin Antibiotic, Rifamycin SV, Inhibits BCL6 Transcriptional Repression and Forms a Complex with the BCL6-BTB/POZ DomainEvans, Sian E.; Goult, Benjamin T.; Fairall, Louise; Jamieson, Andrew G.; Ko Ferrigno, P.; Ford, R.; Schwabe, John W. R.; Wagner, Simon D.Journal Article
21-Mar-2014Widespread FRA1-dependent control of mesenchymal transdifferentiation programs in colorectal cancer cells.Diesch, J.; Sanij, E.; Gilan, O.; Love, C.; Tran, H.; Fleming, N. I.; Ellul, J.; Amalia, M.; Haviv, I.; Pearson, R. B.; Tulchinsky, Eugene; Mariadason, J. M.; Sieber, O. M.; Hannan, R. D.; Dhillon, A. S.Journal Article
21-Nov-2013Prdm6 Is Essential for Cardiovascular Development In VivoGewies, A.; Castineiras-Vilarino, M.; Ferch, U.; Jaehrling, N.; Heinrich, K.; Hoeckendorf, U.; Przemeck, G. K. H.; Munding, M.; Gross, O.; Schroeder, T.; Horsch, M.; Karran, E. Loraine; Majid, Aneela; Antonowicz, Stefan; Beckers, J.; de Angelis, M. H.; Dodt, H-U.; Peschel, C.; Foerster, I.; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Ruland, J.Journal Article
18-Oct-2013Influence of Plasma Processing on Recovery and Analysis of Circulating Nucleic AcidsPage, Karen; Guttery, David S.; Zahra, Nathalie; Primrose, Lindsay; Elshaw, Shona R.; Pringle, J. Howard; Blighe, Kevin; Marchese, S. D.; Hills, A.; Woodley, L.; Stebbing, J.; Coombes, R. C.; Shaw, Jacqueline A.Journal Article
16-Aug-2013Anandamide Levels Fluctuate in the Bovine Oviduct during the Oestrous CycleGervasi, M. G.; Marczylo, Timothy H.; Lam, Patricia M.; Rana, Shashi; Franchi, A. M.; Konje, Justin C.; Perez-Martinez, S.Journal Article
12-Sep-2013Plasma MIC-1 and PAPP-A Levels Are Decreased among Women Presenting to an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, Have Fetal Viability Confirmed but Later MiscarryKonje, Justin; Kaitu’u-Lino, T.; Tong, S.; Bambang, Katerina; Onwude, J.; Hiscock, R.Journal Article
7-Jun-2013BAK and NOXA are critical determinants of mitochondrial apoptosis induced by bortezomib in mesothelioma.Busacca, Sara; Chacko, A. D.; Klabatsa, A.; Arthur, K.; Sheaff, M.; Barbone, D.; Mutti, L.; Gunasekharan, V. K.; Gorski, J. J.; El-Tanani, M.; Broaddus, V. C.; Gaudino, G.; Fennell, Dean A.Journal Article
17-Jan-2013Generation and Characterisation of Cisplatin-Resistant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines Displaying a Stem-Like SignatureBarr, M. P.; Gray, S. G.; Hoffmann, A. C.; Hilger, R. A.; Thomale, J.; O'Flaherty, J. D .; Fennell, D. A.; Richard, D.; O'Leary, J. J.; O'Byrne, K. J.Journal Article
24-May-2012EMT Inducers Catalyze Malignant Transformation of Mammary Epithelial Cells and Drive Tumorigenesis towards Claudin-Low Tumors in Transgenic MiceBrowne, Gareth J.; Morel, A-P.; Hinkal, G. W.; Thomas, C.; Fauvet, F.; Courtois-Cox, S.; Wierinckx, A.; Devouassoux-Shisheboran, M.; Treilleux, I.; Tissier, A.; Gras, B.; Pourchet, J.; Puisieux, I.; Spicer, D. B.; Lachuer, J.; Ansieau, S.; Puisieux, A.Journal Article
Oct-2013Bulky dna adducts in cord blood, maternal fruit-and-vegetable consumption, and birth weight in a European mother-child study (NewGeneris).Pedersen, M.; Schoket, B.; Godschalk, R. W.; Wright, J.; von Stedingk, H.; Törnqvist, M.; Sunyer, J.; Nielsen, J. K.; Merlo, D. F.; Mendez, M. A.; Meltzer, H. M.; Lukács, V.; Landström, A.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Kovács, K.; Knudsen, L. E.; Haugen, M.; Hardie, L. J.; Gützkow, K. B.; Fleming, S.; Fthenou, E.; Farmer, Peter B.; Espinosa, A.; Chatzi, L.; Brunborg, G.; Brady, Nigel J.; Botsivali, M.; Arab, K.; Anna, L.; Alexander, J.; Agramunt, S.; Kleinjans, J. C.; Segerbäck, D.; Kogevinas, M.Journal Article
11-May-2015The molecular approach to diagnosis in lung cancerMoore, David A.; Le Quesne, John P. C.Journal Article
1-Feb-2014Micronuclei in cord blood lymphocytes and associations with biomarkers of exposure to carcinogens and hormonally active factors, gene polymorphisms, and gene expression: the NewGeneris cohortMerlo, D. F.; Agramunt, S.; Anna, L.; Besselink, H.; Botsivali, M.; Brady, Nigel J.; Ceppi, M.; Chatzi, L.; Chen, B.; Decordier, I.; Farmer, Peter B.; Fleming, S.; Fontana, V.; Försti, A.; Fthenou, E.; Gallo, F.; Georgiadis, P.; Gmuender, H.; Godschalk, R. W.; Granum, B.; Hardie, L. J.; Hemminki, K.; Hochstenbach, K.; Knudsen, L. E.; Kogevinas, M.; Kovács, K.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Løvik, M.; Nielsen, J. K.; Nygaard, U. C.; Pedersen, M.; Rydberg, P.; Schoket, B.; Segerbäck, D.; Singh, Rajinder; Sunyer, J.; Törnqvist, M.; van Loveren, H.; van Schooten, F. J.; Vande Loock, K.; von Stedingk, H.; Wright, J.; Kleinjans, J. C.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; van Delft, J. H.; NewGeneris ConsortiumJournal Article
5-Dec-2013Prognostic and therapeutic relevance of FLIP and procaspase-8 overexpression in non-small cell lung cancerRiley, J. S.; Hutchinson, R.; McArt, D. G.; Crawford, N.; Holohan, C.; Paul, I.; Van Schaeybroeck, S.; Salto-Tellez, M.; Johnston, P. G.; Fennell, Dean A.; Gately, K.; O'Byrne, K.; Cummins, R.; Kay, E.; Hamilton, P.; Stasik, I.; Longley, D. B.Journal Article
16-Oct-2013Patient-initiated questions: How can doctors encourage them and improve the consultation process? A qualitative studyMurtagh, G. M.; Furber, L.; Thomas, Anne L.Journal Article
6-Jun-2013Are depressive symptoms more common among British South Asian patients compared with British White patients with cancer? A cross-sectional surveyLord, K.; Ibrahim, K.; Kumar, S.; Mitchell, Alex J.; Rudd, N.; Symonds, Raymond P.Journal Article
9-May-2014Six weeks of home enteral nutrition versus standard care after esophagectomy or total gastrectomy for cancer: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialBowrey, D. J.; Baker, M.; Halliday, V.; Thomas, Anne L.; Pulikottil-Jacob, R.; Smith, KarenJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1497
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