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30-Mar-2018Racial differences in endometrial cancer molecular portraits in The Cancer Genome AtlasGuttery, David S.; Blighe, Kevin; Polymeros, Konstantinos; Symonds, R. Paul; Macip, Salvador; Moss, Esther L.Journal Article
7-Nov-2017Incomplete excision of cervical precancer as a predictor of treatment failure: a systematic review and meta-analysisArbyn, M.; Redman, C. W. E.; Verdoodt, F.; Kyrgiou, M.; Tzafetas, M.; Ghaem-Maghami, S.; Petry, K.-U.; Leeson, S.; Bergeron, C.; Nieminen, P.; Gondry, J.; Reich, O.; Moss, Esther L.Journal Article
23-Sep-2017Could Post-mortem Computed Tomography Angiography Inform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research?Rutty, Guy N.; Amoroso, Jasmin; Coats, Tim; Morgan, BrunoJournal Article
11-May-2017Psycho-social influences upon older women's decision to attend cervical screening: A review of current evidence.Hope, Kirsty A.; Moss, Esther; Redman, Charles W. E.; Sherman, Susan M.Journal Article
20-Apr-2016Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Cervix: Review of a Series of Cases and Correlation With Outcome.Ganesan, Raji; Hirschowitz, Lynn; Dawson, Philip; Askew, Sarah; Pearmain, Philippa; Jones, Peter W.; Singh, Kavita; Chan, Kiong K.; Moss, Esther L.Journal Article
26-Oct-2017Allele-Specific HLA Loss and Immune Escape in Lung Cancer Evolution.McGranahan, N.; Rosenthal, R.; Hiley, C. T.; Rowan, A. J.; Watkins, T. B. K.; Wilson, G. A.; Birkbak, N. J.; Veeriah, S.; Van Loo, P.; Herrero, J.; Swanton, C.; TRACERx Consortium; Fennell, DeanJournal Article
2018Knowledge of the risk factors and symptoms associated with endometrial cancer in British South Asian and British White womenKumarakulasingam, P.; McDermott, H.; Patel, N.; Boulter, L.; Tincello, D.; Moss, EstherJournal Article
21-Jul-2017Human Factors Evaluation of Surgeons' Working Positions for Gynecologic Minimal Access SurgeryHignett, Sue; Gyi, Diane; Calkins, Lisa; Jones, Laura; Moss, EstherJournal Article
9-Mar-2018HPV PRIMARY CERVICAL SCREENING IN ENGLAND: WOMEN'S AWARENESS AND ATTITUDES.Patel, Hersha; Moss, Esther L.; Sherman, Susan M.Journal Article
29-Oct-2017How taphonomic alteration affects the detection and imaging of striations in stab wounds.Stanley, Sophie A.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
26-Apr-2017Tracking the Evolution of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.Jamal-Hanjani, M; Wilson, G. A.; McGranahan, N; Birkbak, N. J.; Watkins, T. B. K; Veeriah, S; Shafi, S; Johnson, D. H.; Mitter, R; Rosenthal, R; Salm, M; Horswell, S; Escudero, M; Matthews, N; Rowan, A; Chambers, T; Moore, D. A.; Turajlic, S; Xu, H; Lee, S-M; Forster, M. D.; Ahmad, T; Hiley, C. T.; Abbosh, C; Falzon, M; Borg, E; Marafioti, T; Lawrence, D; Hayward, M; Kolvekar, S; Panagiotopoulos, N; Janes, S. M.; Thakrar, R; Ahmed, A; Blackhall, F; Summers, Y; Shah, R; Joseph, L; Quinn, A. M.; Crosbie, P. A.; Naidu, B; Middleton, G; Langman, G; Trotter, S; Nicolson, M; Remmen, H; Kerr, K; Chetty, M; Gomersall, L; Fennell, D. A.; Nakas, A; Rathinam, S; Anand, G; Khan, S; Russell, P; Ezhil, V; Ismail, B; Irvin-Sellers, M; Prakash, V; Lester, J. F.; Kornaszewska, M; Attanoos, R; Adams, H; Davies, H; Dentro, S; Taniere, P; O'Sullivan, B; Lowe, H. L.; Hartley, J. A.; Iles, N; Bell, H; Ngai, Y; Shaw, J. A.; Herrero, J; Szallasi, Z; Schwarz, R. F.; Stewart, A; Quezada, S. A.; Le Quesne, John; Van Loo, P; Dive, C; Hackshaw, A; Swanton, C; TRACERx ConsortiumJournal Article
16-Oct-2017Forces generated in stabbing attacks: an evaluation of the utility of the mild, moderate and severe scaleNolan, Gary; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
31-Jan-2018The mechanisms of a mammalian splicing enhancer.Jobbins, Andrew M.; Reichenbach, Linus F.; Lucas, Christian M.; Hudson, Andrew J.; Burley, Glenn A.; Eperon, Ian C.Journal Article
2-Jan-2018Circulating Tfh1 (cTfh1) cell numbers and PD1 expression are elevated in low-grade B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and cTfh gene expression is perturbed in marginal zone lymphoma.Byford, Elliot T.; Carr, Matthew; Ladikou, Eleni; Ahearne, Matthew J.; Wagner, Simon D.Journal Article
27-Jan-2018Case report: a fatal case of disseminated adenovirus infection in a non-transplant adult haematology patient.Joffe, Michael; Wagner, Simon D.; Tang, Julian W.Journal Article
20-Dec-2017Sedentary Time and MRI-Derived Measures of Adiposity in Active Versus Inactive Individuals.Henson, Joseph; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Morgan, Bruno; Horsfield, Mark A.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Yates, ThomasJournal Article
16-Feb-2018Breslow density is a novel prognostic feature that adds value to melanoma stagingSaldanha, Gerald; Yarrow, Jeremy; Pancholi, Jay; Flatman, Katarina; Teo, Kah Wee; Elsheik, Somaia; Harrison, Rebecca; O'Riordan, Marie; Bamford, MarkJournal Article
15-Feb-2017Ex Vivo Explant Cultures of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Enable Evaluation of Primary Tumor Responses to Anticancer Therapy.Karekla, Ellie; Liao, Wen-Jing; Sharp, Barry; Pugh, John; Reid, Helen; Le Quesne, John; Moore, David; Pritchard, Catrin; MacFarlane, Marion; Pringle, James HowardJournal Article
11-Apr-2017Fc-Optimized Anti-CD25 Depletes Tumor-Infiltrating Regulatory T Cells and Synergizes with PD-1 Blockade to Eradicate Established Tumors.Arce Vargas, Frederick; Furness, Andrew J. S.; Solomon, Isabelle; Joshi, Kroopa; Mekkaoui, Leila; Lesko, Marta H.; Miranda Rota, Enrique; Dahan, Rony; Georgiou, Andrew; Sledzinska, Anna; Ben Aissa, Assma; Franz, Dafne; Werner Sunderland, Mariana; Wong, Yien Ning Sophia; Henry, Jake Y.; O'Brien, Tim; Nicol, David; Challacombe, Ben; Beers, Stephen A.; Melanoma TRACERx Consortium; Renal TRACERx Consortium; Lung TRACERx Consortium; Turajlic, Samra; Gore, Martin; Larkin, James; Swanton, Charles; Chester, Kerry A.; Pule, Martin; Ravetch, Jeffrey V.; Marafioti, Teresa; Peggs, Karl S.; Quezada, Sergio A.Journal Article
26-Oct-2017A systematic autopsy survey of human infant bridging veins.Cheshire, Emma C.; Malcomson, Roger D. G.; Sun, Peng; Mirkes, Evgeny M.; Amoroso, Jasmin M.; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1652
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