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4-Nov-2009The prostate care questionnaire for patients (PCQ-P): reliability, validity and acceptability.Tarrant, Carolyn; Baker, Richard; Colman, Andrew M.; Sinfield, Paul; Agarwal, Shona; Mellon, John K.; Steward, William; Kockelbergh, RogerJournal Article
2004Telomere instability detected in sporadic colon cancers, some showing mutations in a mismatch repair genePickett, H.A.; Baird, D.M.; Hoff-Olsen, P.; Meling, G.I.; Rognum, T.O.; Shaw, J.A.; West, K.P.; Royle, Nicola J.Article
25-Mar-2009Modification of rat detrusor muscle contraction by ascorbic acid and citric acid involving enhanced neurotransmitter release and Ca2+ influxDasgupta, Jaydip; Elliott, Ruth A.; Tincello, Douglas G.Article
24-Mar-2000Inhibition of the contractile response of the rat detrusor muscle by the β2-adrenoceptor agonist clenbuterolHudman, Diane; Elliott, Ruth A.; Norman, Robert I.Article
Feb-2006α1-Adrenoceptor subtypes in isolated corporal tissue from patients undergoing gender re-assignmentEl-Gamal, Osama M.; Sandhu, Davinder P.S.; Terry, Tim; Elliott, Ruth A.Article
Jun-2009The expression of TIR2 taste receptor in human and rat urinary bladder.Kapoor, S.; Elliott, Ruth A.; Tincello, Douglas G.Article
2-Nov-2007Molecular targets for chemoprevention: role in choosing and developing new agentsSteward, William P.Article
15-Mar-2008Multiple end-point analysis reveals cisplatin damage tolerance to be a chemoresistance mechanism in a NSCLC model: Implications for predictive testing.Almeida, Gabriela M.; Duarte, Tiago L.; Steward, William P.; Jones, George D.D.Article
27-Nov-2006Development of A Novel Site-Specific Mutagenesis Assay Using MALDI-ToF MS (SSMA-MS).McLuckie, Keith I.E.; Lamb, J.H.; Sandhu, J.; Pearson, H.; Brown, K.; Farmer, Peter B.; Jones, D.J.Article
Apr-2008Evaluation of the cancer chemopreventive efficacy of silibinin in genetic models of prostate and intestinal carcinogenesis: relationship with silibinin levelsVerschoyle, Richard D.; Greaves, Peter; Patel, Ketan; Marsden, Debbie A.; Brown, Karen; Steward, William P.; Gescher, Andreas J.Article