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25-Mar-1996Mitogenic stimulation of normal and oncogene-transformed human thyroid epithelial cells by hepatocyte growth factorEccles, N; Ivan, M; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
1-Jan-2004Direct evidence from siRNA-directed "knock down" that p16 is required for human fibroblast senescence and for limiting ras-induced epithelial cell proliferationBond, J; Jones, C; Haughton, M; Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; DeMicco, CJournal Article
15-Jan-1996High frequency deletion of the tumour suppressor gene P16 (MTS1) in human thyroid cancer cell linesJones, CJ; Wynford-Thomas, D; Shaw, JJ; Wyllie, FS; Wynford-Thomas, D; Gaillard, N; Schlumberger, MJournal Article
1-May-2003Mutant p53 can delay growth arrest and loss of CDK2 activity in senescing human fibroblasts without reducing p21 expressionWyllie, F; Haughton, M; Rowson, J; Wynford-Thomas, D; Bartek, JJournal Article
9-Oct-1997Telomerase. Cancer and the knockout mouse.Wynford-Thomas, D; Kipling, DJournal Article
Mar-2006Comparison of differential gene expression of hot and cold thyroid nodules with primary epithelial cell culture models by investigation of co-regulated gene sets.Eszlinger, M; Krohn, K; Beck, M; Kipling, D; Forbes-Robertson, S; Läuter, J; Toenjes, A; Wynford-Thomas, D; Paschke, RJournal Article
1997Transfection and transformation of human thyroid epithelial cells.Lemoine, NR; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
May-1995Is TFIIH an activator of the p53-mediated G1/S checkpoint?Jones, CJ; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
May-1998Sporadic ret-rearranged papillary carcinoma of the thyroid: a subset of slow growing, less aggressive thyroid neoplasms?Soares, P; Fonseca, E; Wynford-Thomas, D; Sobrinho-Simões, MJournal Article
Oct-1990The polymerase chain reaction: miracle or mirage? A critical review of its uses and limitations in diagnosis and research.Wright, PA; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article