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1-Jan-1998Combination studies with gemcitabine in the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancerSteward, WPJournal Article
18-May-2010A TRAIL-R1-specific ligand in combination with doxorubicin selectively targets primary breast tumour cells for apoptosisTwiddy, D.; Naik, S.; Mistry, R.; Edwards, J.; Walker, Rosemary Ann; Cohen, G. M.; MacFarlane, M.Conference Paper
1-Nov-1998Potentiation of anti-cancer agent cytotoxicity by the potent poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors NU1025 and NU1064Bowman, K. J.; White, A.; Golding, B. T.; Griffin, R. J.; Curtin, N. J.Journal Article
1-May-1999Epoetin alpha prevents anaemia and reduces transfusion requirements in patients undergoing primarily platinum-based chemotherapy for small cell lung cancerThatcher, N.; De Campos, E. S.; Bell, D. R.; Steward, W. P.; Varghese, G.; Morant, R.; Vansteenkiste, J. F.; Rosso, R.; Ewers, S. B.; Sundal, E.; Schatzmann, E.; Stocker, H.Journal Article
17-May-2019The essential role of prevention in reducing the cancer burden in Europe: a commentary from Cancer Prevention Europe.Espina, C; Bauld, L; Bonanni, B; Brenner, H; Brown, K; Dillner, J; Kampman, E; Nilbert, M; Vineis, P; Weijenberg, MP; Cox, A; de Kok, TM; Fecht, D; Mitrou, G; Muller, DC; Serrano, D; Steindorf, K; Storm, H; Thorat, MA; van Duijnhoven, F; Weiderpass, E; Schüz, JJournal Article
25-Jul-2018Factors that influence quality and yield of circulating-free DNA: A systematic review of the methodology literatureTrigg, R. M.; Martinson, L. J.; Parpart-Li, S.; Shaw, J. A.Journal Article