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1998Segregational fidelity of chromosomes in human thyroid tumour cellsParry, EM; Ulucan, H; Parry, JM; Wyllie, FS; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
2005Characterisation of novel mutations in Cockayne syndrome type A and xeroderma pigmentosum group C subjects.Ridley, AJ; Colley, J; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJJournal Article
1-Sep-1998Induction of cell death by stimulation of protein kinase C in human epithelial cells expressing a mutant ras oncogene: a potential therapeutic targetHall-Jackson, CA; Jones, T; Eccles, NG; Dawson, TP; Bond, JA; Gescher, A; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
20-May-2004Telomere erosion triggers growth arrest but not cell death in human cancer cells retaining wild-type p53: implications for antitelomerase therapy.Preto, A; Singhrao, SK; Haughton, MF; Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJJournal Article
Oct-2009Increased apoptosis and reduced replication efficiency of the E3 region-modified dl309 adenovirus in cancer cells.Hibma, MH; Real, NC; Wiles, A; Dobson-Le, D; Dix, BR; Wynford-Thomas, D; Braithwaite, AW; Royds, JAJournal Article
1995Does telomere shortening drive selection for p53 mutation in human cancer?Wynford-Thomas, D; Bond, JA; Wyllie, FS; Jones, CJJournal Article
Nov-1998Papillary thyroid carcinoma oncogene (RET/PTC) alters the nuclear envelope and chromatin structure.Fischer, AH; Bond, JA; Taysavang, P; Battles, OE; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
Nov-1991Oncogenes and anti-oncogenes; the molecular basis of tumour behaviour.Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
1-May-1998Dissociation of telomere dynamics from telomerase activity in human thyroid cancer cells.Jones, CJ; Soley, A; Skinner, JW; Gupta, J; Haughton, MF; Wyllie, FS; Schlumberger, M; Bacchetti, S; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
Jan-1996In vivo photoinduction of metallothionein in human skin by ultraviolet irradiation.Anstey, A; Marks, R; Long, C; Navabi, H; Pearse, A; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jasani, BJournal Article