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20-May-2004Telomere erosion triggers growth arrest but not cell death in human cancer cells retaining wild-type p53: implications for antitelomerase therapy.Preto, A; Singhrao, SK; Haughton, MF; Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJJournal Article
1997Cancer and the knockout mouseWynford-Thomas, D; Kipling, DJournal Article
1-Jan-2004Direct evidence from siRNA-directed "knock down" that p16 is required for human fibroblast senescence and for limiting ras-induced epithelial cell proliferationBond, J; Jones, C; Haughton, M; Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; DeMicco, CJournal Article
9-Oct-1997Telomerase. Cancer and the knockout mouse.Wynford-Thomas, D; Kipling, DJournal Article
Mar-2006Comparison of differential gene expression of hot and cold thyroid nodules with primary epithelial cell culture models by investigation of co-regulated gene sets.Eszlinger, M; Krohn, K; Beck, M; Kipling, D; Forbes-Robertson, S; Läuter, J; Toenjes, A; Wynford-Thomas, D; Paschke, RJournal Article
Jan-2000Telomerase prevents the accelerated cell ageing of Werner syndrome fibroblasts.Wyllie, FS; Jones, CJ; Skinner, JW; Haughton, MF; Wallis, C; Wynford-Thomas, D; Faragher, RG; Kipling, DJournal Article
1-Apr-2003Telomere-based proliferative lifespan barriers in Werner-syndrome fibroblasts involve both p53-dependent and p53-independent mechanismsDavis, T; Sinhrao, SK; Wyllie, FS; Haughton, MF; Smith, PJ; Wiltshire, M; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJ; Kipling, D; Faragher, RGAJournal Article
Feb-2003Extensive allelic variation and ultrashort telomeres in senescent human cells.Baird, DM; Rowson, J; Wynford-Thomas, D; Kipling, DJournal Article
Apr-1999Telomere-dependent senescence.Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJ; Akbar, A; Aspinall, R; Bacchetti, S; Blasco, MA; Broccoli, D; DePinho, RA; Edwards, DR; Effros, RB; Harley, CB; Lansdorp, PM; Linskens, MH; Prowse, KR; Newbold, RF; Olovnikov, AM; Parkinson, EK; Pawelec, G; Pontén, J; Shall, S; Zijlmans, M; Faragher, RGJournal Article
Aug-2000Evidence for a telomere-independent 'clock' limiting RAS oncogene-driven proliferation of human thyroid epithelial cellsJones, CJ; Kipling, D; Morris, M; Hepburn, P; Skinner, J; Bounacer, A; Wyllie, FS; Ivan, M; Wynford-Thomas, D; Bond, JA; Bartek, JJournal Article