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Nov-1991Oncogenes and anti-oncogenes; the molecular basis of tumour behaviour.Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
5-Aug-2004Opposing effects of mutant ras oncoprotein on human fibroblast and epithelial cell proliferation: implications for models of human tumorigenesis.Skinner, J; Bounacer, A; Bond, JA; Haughton, MF; deMicco, C; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
24-Jun-1999p53-Dependent growth arrest and altered p53-immunoreactivity following metabolic labelling with 32P ortho-phosphate in human fibroblasts.Bond, JA; Webley, K; Wyllie, FS; Jones, CJ; Craig, A; Hupp, T; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
10-Feb-2000RAS oncogene activation induces proliferation in normal human thyroid epithelial cells without loss of differentiation.Gire, V; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
Jul-2006Molecular genetic study comparing follicular variant versus classic papillary thyroid carcinomas: association of N-ras mutation in codon 61 with follicular variant.Di Cristofaro J; Marcy, M; Vasko, V; Sebag, F; Fakhry, N; Wynford-Thomas, D; De Micco CJournal Article
Apr-1997Proliferative lifespan checkpoints: cell-type specificity and influence on tumour biology.Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
22-May-1997Activated ras and ret oncogenes induce over-expression of c-met (hepatocyte growth factor receptor) in human thyroid epithelial cells.Ivan, M; Bond, JA; Prat, M; Comoglio, PM; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
7-Jul-2004DNA damage checkpoint kinase Chk2 triggers replicative senescence.Gire, V; Roux, P; Wynford-Thomas, D; Brondello, JM; Dulic, VJournal Article
Feb-1994Mutations in familial cancer.Wright, PA; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
Apr-1992P53 in tumour pathology: can we trust immunocytochemistry?Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article