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Apr-2009Microstructural evolution in creep exposed IN617Krishna, Ram; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Gill, S.P.A.; Strang, A.; Atkinson, Helen V.Conference paper
Jun-2010Modelling the in-service microstructural evolution of Ni-based superalloys for power generationLiu, T.; Gill, S.P.A.; Atkinson, Helen V.Conference paper
2002Fatigue tolerant design of steel components based on the size of large inclusionsYates, J.R.; Shi, G.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Sellars, C.M.; Anderson, C.W.Article
Apr-2006Thixoforming Two Different SteelsOmar, M.Z.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Palmiere, E.J.; Howe, A.A.; Kapranos, P.Conference paper
1-Feb-2003Response of semi-solid Sn-15 Pct Pb to rapid shear-rate changesLiu, T. Y.; Ward, P. J.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Kirkwood, D. H.Article
May-2010Measurement of Thermo-Physical Properties for Solidification of Aluminium AlloysDong, Hongbiao; Atkinson, Helen V.Conference paper
Apr-2009Peak Load in Rapid Compression Tests: Experiments and Micromechanical ModellingFavier, Véronique; Atkinson, Helen V.Conference paper
Oct-2006Viscosity–Shear Rate Relationship during the Thixoforming of HP9/4/30 SteelOmar, M.Z.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Palmiere, E.J.; Howe, A.A.; Kapranos, PlatoConference paper
Sep-2010Effects of Long-Term High Temperature Exposure on the Microstructure of Haynes Alloy 230Veverková, J.; Strang, A.; Marchant, G.R.; Atkinson, Helen V.Conference paper
Apr-2009Semi-Finished Material and Semi-Solid Forging of Sic Particle Reinforced Al-Mg Light Metal Matrix Composites – New Results on Process Development and CharacterisationWenzelburger, Martin; Babat, Selahattin; Atkinson, Helen V.; Gadow, RainerConference paper