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Aug-2008L and H performance analysis and gain-scheduling synthesis for parameter-dependent systemsPrempain, E; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
1-Sep-2004Multivariable override control for systems with output and state constraintsTurner, MC; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
Jan-2010Neural-network-based flush air data sensing system demonstrated on a mini air vehicleSamy, I; Postlethwaite, I; Gu, D-W; Green, J; Samy, I; Postlethwaite, I; Gu, D-WJournal Article
1-Aug-2000Non-linear tracking control for multivariable constrained input linear systemsTurner, MC; Postlethwaite, I; Walker, DJJournal Article
1-May-2006Switched control of a vehicle/short take-off land aircraft: An application of linear quadratic bumpless transferTurner, MC; Aouf, N; Bates, DG; Postlethwaite, I; Boulet, BJournal Article
2012Discrete-time sliding mode control using an H filter for a quadruple tank systemChandra, KPB; Gu, D-W; Srikanthan, H; Bandyopadhyay, B; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
Jun-2012A continuous local motion planning framework for unmanned vehicles in complex environmentsBerry, AJ; Howitt, J; Gu, D-W; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
1-Jan-2010How tight is sphere-packed formation flying?Gu, D-W; Kim, Y; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
May-2010A comparative study of NN- and EKF-based SFDA schemes with application to a nonlinear UAV modelSamy, I; Postlethwaite, I; Gu, D-WJournal Article
Nov-2010SFDIA of consecutive sensor faults using neural networks - Demonstrated on a UAVSamy, I; Gu, D-W; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article