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Nov-2007Design of static H linear parameter varying controllers for unmanned aircraftNatesan, K; Gu, D-W; Postlethwaite, I; Natesan, K; Gu, D-W; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
Mar-2009Flight testing of a rate saturation compensation scheme on the ATTAS aircraftKerr, M; Postlethwaite, I; Sofrony, J; Turner, MC; Brieger, O; Lei├čling, DJournal Article
1-Aug-2008Modelling and robust control of fluidic thrust vectoring and circulation control for unmanned air vehiclesGu, D-W; Natesan, K; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
Feb-2011A robust anti-windup design procedure for SISO systemsKerr, M; Turner, MC; Villota, E; Jayasuriya, S; Postlethwaite, I; Kerr, MJournal Article
Jul-2011Survey and application of sensor fault detection and isolation schemesSamy, I; Postlethwaite, I; Gu, D-WJournal Article
20-Sep-2001Guaranteed stability regions of linear systems with actuator saturation using the low-and-high gain techniqueTurner, MC; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
Jan-2009Improving sector-based results for systems with dead-zone nonlinearities and constrained control applicationsTurner, MC; Postlethwaite, I; Herrmann, GJournal Article
2001On the control design of a gyro test tableHe, Y; Liew, KM; Gu, D-W; Postlethwaite, I; Wang, GJournal Article
Mar-2007Performance-oriented antiwindup for a class of linear control systems with augmented neural network controller.Herrmann, G; Turner, MC; Postlethwaite, IJournal Article
Sep-2004Practical implementation of a novel anti-windup scheme in a HDD-dual-stage servo-systemHerrmann, G; Turner, MC; Postlethwaite, I; Guo, GJournal Article