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Jul-2011Survey and application of sensor fault detection and isolation schemesSamy, I; Postlethwaite, I; Gu, D-WJournal Article
Oct-2011Combined first principle and experimental study of oxide/alloy interface evolution during hot rolling 430 stainless steelsHan, PD; Li, HF; Sun, XL; Liang, W; Xu, BS; Han, PD; Li, HF; Sun, XL; Liang, W; Xu, BS; Dong, HBJournal Article
Oct-2011UK: China steelDong, H; Kumar, RVJournal Article
2011Biologically inspired computation for chemical sensingFonollosa, J.; Gutierrez-Galvez, A.; Lansner, A.; Martinez, D.; Rospars, J. P.; Beccherelli, R.; Perera, A.; Pearce, Timothy Charles; Vershure, P.; Persaud, K.Journal Article
Oct-2011Design and experimental validation of looped-tube thermoacoustic engineAbduljalil, AS; Yu, Z; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Aug-2011Effect of residual stress on the nanoindentation response of aerospace aluminium alloysKhan, MK; Fitzpatrick, ME; Edwards, L; Hainsworth, SV; Edwards, LJournal Article
2011A reliability enhancement mechanism for high-assurance MLC flash-based storage systemsMir, IF; McEwan, AAJournal Article
1-Jul-2011Development of Particle Sizing Based on Dynamic Image AnalysisSaid, Mohd Farid bin MuhamadThesis
11-Feb-2011The effect of solar activity on the Doppler and multipath spread of HF signals received over paths oriented along the mid-latitude troughWarrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A.J.Article
Oct-2011Selectivity of pyramidal cells and interneurons in the human medial temporal lobe.Ison, MJ; Mormann, F; Cerf, M; Koch, C; Fried, I; Quiroga, RQJournal Article