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28-Sep-2014The neutral curve for stationary disturbances in rotating disk flow for power-law fluidsGriffiths, P. T.; Garrett, Stephen John; Stephen, S. O.Journal Article
5-Nov-2015What is the Process Window for Semi-solid Processing?Zhang, Duyao; Dong, Hongbiao; Atkinson, Helen V.Journal Article
20-Aug-2016Footbridge system identification using wireless inertial measurement units for force and response measurementsBrownjohn, James Mark William; Bocian, Mateusz; Hester, David; Quattrone, Antonino; Hudson, William; Moore, Daniel; Goh, Sushma; Lim, Meng SunJournal Article
21-Jun-2013Effects of aluminum diffusion on the adhesive behavior of the Ni(111)/Cr2O3(0001) interface: First principle studyLiu, H.; Li, Y.; Zhang, C.; Dong, N.; Lan, A.; Li, H.; Dong, Hongbiao; Han, P.Journal Article
12-Jan-2015Combined Analysis of Electricity and Heat NetworksLiu, X.; Jenkins, N.; Wu, J.; Bagdanavicius, AudriusJournal Article
25-Mar-2015Spark plasma sintered bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials incorporating dispersed boron carbideWilliams, Hugo R.; Ambrosi, R. M.; Chen, K.; Friedman, U.; Ning, H.; Reece, M. J.; Robbins, M. C.; Simpson, K.; Stephenson, K.Journal Article
28-Jun-2014Stress relaxation of nickel-based superalloy helical springs at high temperaturesGill, Simon Philip Adrian; McColvin, G.; Strang, A.Journal Article
2-Sep-2015Stretch rate effects and flame surface densities in premixed turbulent combustion up to 1.25 MPaBagdanavicius, Audrius; Bowen, P. J.; Bradley, D.; Lawes, M.; Mansour, M. S.Journal Article
31-Oct-2017Spanwise domain effects on streamwise vortices in the plane turbulent mixing layerMcMullan, W. A.Journal Article
22-May-2017Solidification Reaction Sequence of Co-Rich Nb-Al-Co AlloysFeitosa, L. M.; D'Souza, N.; West, G. D.; Dong, Hongbiao B.Journal Article