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1-Dec-2017I-PD Control design and analysis in an islanded microgrid systemPanjaitan, S. D; Kurnianto, R; Sanjaya, B. W; Turner, Matthew C.Journal Article
6-Feb-2017Extending fireeRTOS to Support Dynamic and Distributed Mapping in Multiprocessor SystemsAbich, G.; Mandelli, M. G.; Rosa, F. R.; Moraes, F.; Ost, L.; Reis, R.Conference Paper
15-Aug-2016Numerical investigation of mixed convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a lid-driven trapezoidal cavityKareem, Ali Khaleel; Mohammed, H. A.; Hussein, Ahmed Kadhim; Gao, ShianJournal Article
7-Sep-2017Effect of hydrogen charging on dislocation multiplication in pre-strained super duplex stainless steelLiang, X. Z.; Dodge, M. F.; Kabra, S.; Kelleher, J. F.; Lee, T. L.; Dong, HongbiaoJournal Article
4-Dec-2017Life Prediction of Phosphor Bronze Reinforcing Tape Used in Underground Power CablesZhou, H; Gnanasambandam, S; Foresta, M; Li, F; Le Blanc, M; Weston, D; Pan, JJournal Article
22-Dec-2016A Comparison of the Potential Capability of SFS, SPS and HVSFS for the Production of Photocatalytic Titania CoatingsRobinson, B; Tabecki, A; Paul, S; Shi, G; Mills, A; Parkin, IP; Darr, JA; Lovelock, HLDVJournal Article
3-Jun-2017Influence of silica nanoparticles on corrosion resistance of sol-gel based coatings on mild steelMora, LV; Naik, S; Paul, S; Dawson, R; Neville, A; Barker, RJournal Article
30-Nov-2015Multi-Target Tracking and Occlusion Handling With Learned Variational Bayesian Clusters and a Social Force ModelUr-Rehman, Ata; Naqvi, Syed Mohsen; Mihaylova, Lyudmila; Chambers, Jonathon A.Journal Article
23-May-2017Recent Joint Studies Related to the Development of Space Radioisotope Power SystemsKramer, DP; Ambrosi, R; Sarsfield, M; Watkinson, EJ; Mesalam, R; Williams, H; Barklay, C; Tinsley, T; Goodrich, S; Pierson, T; Whiting, CConference Paper