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7-Apr-2013Analysis of QRS-T Subtraction in Unipolar Atrial Fibrillation ElectrogramsSalinet Jr., J.L.; Madeiro, João P.V.; Cortez, Paulo C.; Stafford, Peter J.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresJournal Article
15-Jun-2013Design Patterns to Support the Migration between Event-Triggered and Time-Triggered Software ArchitecturesLakhani, Farha NazThesis
1-Jun-2013Large Eddy Simulation of a cavity with a synthetic stochastic thick turbulent inflowMonti, ManueleThesis
31-Jul-2013CFD models of transitional flowsDi Pasquale, DavideThesis
2010Partial Discharge Patterns in Conducting and Non-Conducting Electrical TreesDodd, Stephen J.; Chalashkanov, Nikola M.; Fothergill, John C.Conference Paper
2012Encounters with vortices in a turbine nozzle passageGostelow, J. Paul; Mahallati, A.; Carscallen, W.E.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
23-Oct-2013Atrial Electrogram Complexity as a Clinical Instrument for Measuring Temporal Fractionation Variability during Atrial FibrillationAlmeida, Tiago P.; Salinet, João L. Jr.; Chu, Gavin S.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresConference Poster
23-Oct-2013Development of Reduced-Lead Body Surface Mapping Systems Using Spatial Frequency AnalysisVanheusden, Frederique J.; Li, Xin; Chu, Gavin S.; Almeida, Tiago P.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresConference Poster
1-Dec-2013High density frequency mapping of human intracardiac persistent atrial fibrillation electrogramsLoures Salinet, Joao Jr.Thesis
28-Sep-2012Streamwise and crossflow instabilities on inclined circular cylindersGarrett, Stephen J.; Gostelow, J. Paul; McMullan, W. A.; De Saint Jean, M.; Rona, AldoConference Paper