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Sep-2012Heat transfer processes in parallel-plate heat exchangers of thermoacoustic devices - numerical and experimental approachesJaworski, AJ; Piccolo, AJournal Article
Oct-2011Design and experimental validation of looped-tube thermoacoustic engineAbduljalil, AS; Yu, Z; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
1-Oct-2010Oscillatory flow at the end of parallel-plate stacks: phenomenological and similarity analysisMao, X; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
1-Oct-2010Fishbone-like instability in a looped-tube thermoacoustic engineYu, Z; Jaworski, AJ; Abduljalil, ASJournal Article
Nov-2010Application of planar laser-induced fluorescence measurement techniques to study the heat transfer characteristics of parallel-plate heat exchangers in thermoacoustic devicesShi, L; Mao, X; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Mar-2011Investigation into the Strouhal numbers associated with vortex shedding from parallel-plate thermoacoustic stacks in oscillatory flow conditionsShi, L; Yu, Z; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Apr-2011A method of characterising performance of audio loudspeakers for linear alternator applications in low-cost thermoacoustic electricity generatorsYu, Z; Saechan, P; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Mar-2011Development of experimental methods to capture the unsteady temperature field distributions in thermoacoustic devicesShi, L; Yu, Z; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Jan-2011Selection and experimental evaluation of low-cost porous materials for regenerator applications in thermoacoustic enginesAbduljalil, AS; Yu, Z; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
2010Application of particle image velocimetry measurement techniques to study turbulence characteristics of oscillatory flows around parallel-plate structures in thermoacoustic devicesMao, X; Jaworski, AJJournal Article