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13-Mar-2013In situ diagnostics and prognostics of wire bonding faults in IGBT modules for electric vehicle drivesJi, Bing; Cao, W.; Zahawi, B.; Pickert, V.Journal Article
1-Jul-2014Thermography-based virtual MPPT scheme for improving PV energy efficiency under partial shading conditionsHu, Y.; Cao, W.; Wu, J.; Ji, Bing; Holliday, D.Journal Article
30-Mar-2016High frequency inverter topologies integrated with the coupled inductor bridge armJi, Bing; Hu, Y; Finney, S; Xiao, W.; Cao, W.Journal Article
28-Oct-2014Multi-Objective Design of IGBT Power Modules Considering Power Cycling and Thermal CyclingJi, Bing; Song, X.; Sciberras, E.; Cao, W.; Hu, Y.; Pickert, V.Journal Article
23-Apr-2014In-Situ Diagnostics and Prognostics of Solder Fatigue in IGBT Modules for Electric Vehicle DrivesJi, Bing; Song, X.; Cao, W.; Pickert, V.; HU, Y.; Mackersie, J.; Pierce, G.Journal Article
22-Nov-2013Real-Time Temperature Estimation for Power MOSFETs Considering Thermal Aging EffectsChen, H.; Ji, Bing; Pickert, V.; Cao, W.Journal Article
1-Dec-2015Analysis and prediction of the discharge characteristics of the lithium-ion battery based on the Grey system theoryChen, L.; Tian, B.; Lin, W.; Ji, Bing; Li, J.; Pan, H.Journal Article
5-Feb-2014New SR Drive With Integrated Charging Capacity for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)Hu, Y.; Song, X.; Cao, W.; Ji, BingJournal Article
18-Jun-2014Three-Port DC–DC Converter for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic SystemsHu, Y.; Xiao, W.; Cao, W.; Ji, Bing; Morrow, D. J.Journal Article
6-May-2015Optimised phase disposition pulse-width modulation strategy for hybrid-clamped multilevel inverters using switching state sequencesMa, M.; He, X.; Cao, W.; Song, X.; Ji, BingJournal Article