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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Mar-2012A Study on Space Structure Attitude Stabilization and Actuator DegradationAhmad, Rihan Ahmed IrfanThesis
31-Oct-2012Performance Enhancement of a Coal ClassifierMat Isa, NorasikinThesis
22-Jun-2012The Performance of a Static Coal Classifier and Its Controlling ParametersAfolabi, Jamiu LanreThesis
27-Jun-2012A novel surface electrocardiogram-based marker of ventricular arrhythmia risk in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy.Nicolson, William B.; McCann, Gerry P.; Brown, Peter D.; Sandilands, Alastair J.; Stafford, Peter J.; Schlindwein, Fernando Soares; Samani, Nilesh J.; Ng, G. AndréJournal Article
1-Oct-2012Heart Rate Variability in 10 Year Old Children: Normal and Intrauterine Growth RestrictedBiala, Taher Ali SaidThesis
27-Dec-2012New Approach for T-Wave Peak Detection and T-Wave End Location in 12-lead Paced ECG Signals based on a Mathematical ModelMadeiro, João P.V.; Nicolson, William B.; Cortez, Paulo C.; Marques, João A.L.; Vázquez-Seisdedos, Carlos R.; Elangovan, Narmadha; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresJournal Article
2012Encounters with vortices in a turbine nozzle passageGostelow, J. Paul; Mahallati, A.; Carscallen, W.E.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
28-Sep-2012Streamwise and crossflow instabilities on inclined circular cylindersGarrett, Stephen J.; Gostelow, J. Paul; McMullan, W. A.; De Saint Jean, M.; Rona, AldoConference Paper
1-Apr-2012The Feasibility of Using a Vegetable Oil-Based Fluid as Electrical Insulating OilAbdelmalik, Abdelghaffar AmokaThesis
1-Jan-2012Linear Prediction Approaches to Compensation of Missing Measurements in Kalman FilteringKhan, NaeemThesis