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4-Jan-2016Task Oriented Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing for Use on Board SpacecraftFayyaz, MuhammadThesis
6-Jan-2016Karhunen-Loève Transform based Lossless Hyperspectral Image Compression for Space ApplicationsMat Noor, Nor Rizuan binThesis
25-Jan-2016Initial Condition Effects on Large Scale Structure in Numerical Simulations of Plane Mixing LayersMcMullan, William Andrew; Garrett, Stephen J.Journal Article
28-Jan-2016Study of the Pulsed Field Magnetization Strategy for the Superconducting RotorHuang, Z.; Ruiz, Harold Steven; Zhai, Y.; Geng, J.; Coombs, T. A.Journal Article
2016Some perspectives on the treatment of three-dimensional flows on axial compressor bladingRona, Aldo; Obaida, M. B.; Kawase, Motoyuki; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
2016Decentralised approaches to Anti-windup Design with Application to Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial VehiclesTurner, Matthew Christopher; Ofodile, N. K.Journal Article
4-Feb-2016Differences in globus pallidus neuronal firing rates and patterns relate to different disease biology in children with dystoniaMcClelland, V. M.; Valentin, A.; Rey, Hernan Gonzalo; Lumsden, D. E.; Elze, M. C.; Selway, R.; Alarcon, G.; Lin, J. P.Journal Article
30-Mar-2016High frequency inverter topologies integrated with the coupled inductor bridge armJi, Bing; Hu, Y; Finney, S; Xiao, W.; Cao, W.Journal Article
20-Jan-2016Does Shear Thickening Occur in Semisolid Metals?Atkinson, Helen Valerie; Favier, V.Journal Article
8-Mar-2016Three-dimensional dominant frequency mapping using autoregressive spectral analysis of atrial electrograms of patients in persistent atrial fibrillationSalinet, João L.; Masca, Nicholas G. D.; Stafford, Peter J.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresJournal Article