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2017Measurement and modelling of pitting depth distribution for phosphor bronze tapes used in underground power transmission cablesZhou, Hang; Gnanasambandam, Sivashangari; Foresta, Maurizio; Weston, David; Li, F.; Pan, Jingzhe; Le Blanc, M.Journal Article
3-Jan-2017Real Time and Performance Management Techniques in SSD Storage SystemsKomsul, Muhammed ZiyaThesis
4-Jan-2017Development of a Novel Radial Heat Flow Apparatus for Measuring Solid-Liquid Interfacial EnergySon, SungWooThesis
11-Jan-2017Initiation and growth kinetics of solidification cracking during welding of steel.Aucott, L.; Huang, D.; Dong, H. B.; Wen, S. W.; Marsden, J. A.; Rack, A.; Cocks, A. C.Journal Article
19-Jan-2017Dielectric response of filled high temperature vulcanization silicone rubberGao, Y.; Liang, X.; Dissado, L. A.; Dodd, S. J.; Chalashkanov, N. M.Journal Article
2-Mar-2017Dynamic Behavior of Rotors during Human Persistent Atrial Fibrillation as observed using Non-Contact MappingDastagir, Nawshin; Almeida, Tiago P.; Li, Xin; Vanheusden, F. J.; Chu, Gavin S .; Stafford, Peter J.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
2-Mar-2017Contributing Factors Concerning Inconsistencies in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Ablation OutcomesAlmeida, Tiago P.; Chu, Gavin S.; Li, Xin; Salinet, J. L.; Dastagir, Nawshin; Bell, Michael J.; Vanheusden, F. J.; Tuan, Jiun H.; Stafford, Peter J .; Ng, G. A.; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
17-Feb-2017Time Optimal Control of Variable Stiffness Actuated SystemsZhakatayev, Altay; Rubagotti, Matteo; Varol, Huseyin AtakanJournal Article
16-Mar-2017Robustness Analysis of Feedback Linearisation for Uncertain Rational SystemsNorton, Peter DavidThesis
23-Mar-2017Validation and Applications of the Material Point MethodTabatabaeian Nimavardi, AliThesis