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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Aug-2012Concept cells: the building blocks of declarative memory functions.Quiroga, RQJournal Article
Apr-2011Biomechanical study of a unilocking T-plate system for prophylactic internal fixation of the radial osteocutaneous donor site using the sheep tibia model.Avery, CM; Skidmore, M; Peden, A; Pan, JJournal Article
Jan-2012Quantification of forces required for stabbing with screwdrivers and other blunter instruments.Parmar, K; Hainsworth, SV; Rutty, GNJournal Article
22-May-2012Mechanisms contributing to central excitability changes during hearing loss.Pilati, N; Ison, MJ; Barker, M; Mulheran, M; Large, CH; Forsythe, ID; Matthias, J; Hamann, MJournal Article
Oct-2011A category-specific response to animals in the right human amygdala.Mormann, F; Dubois, J; Kornblith, S; Milosavljevic, M; Cerf, M; Ison, M; Tsuchiya, N; Kraskov, A; Quiroga, RQ; Adolphs, R; Fried, I; Koch, CJournal Article
9-Apr-2013Stress-Induced Lipocalin-2 Controls Dendritic Spine Formation and Neuronal Activity in the AmygdalaSkrzypiec, A. E.; Shah, Rahul S.; Schiavon, Emanuele; Baker, Eva; Skene, N.; Pawlak, R.; Mucha, MariuszJournal Article
2010Signal processing for neural spike trains.Berger, T. W.; Chen, Z. S.; Cichocki, A.; Oweiss, K. G.; Quian Quiroga, Rodrigo; Thakor, N. V.Journal Article
11-May-2011Wiring the olfactory bulb -- activity - dependent models of axonal targeting in the developing olfactory pathwayGill, Daljeet S.; Pearce, Timothy CharlesJournal Article
4-Jul-2014Early stage fatigue damage occurs in bovine tendon fascicles in the absence of changes in mechanics at either the gross or micro-structural level.Shepherd, Jennifer H.; Riley, Graham P.; Screen, Hazel R. C.Journal Article
27-Nov-2013Functionally distinct tendon fascicles exhibit different creep and stress relaxation behaviour.Shepherd, JH; Legerlotz, K; Demirci, T; Klemt, C; Riley, GP; Screen, HRCJournal Article