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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jun-2010Inverse engineering of medical devices made of bioresorbable polymers.Huang, R; Pan, JJournal Article
Oct-2010Analysis of degradation data of poly(l-lactide-co-l,d-lactide) and poly(l-lactide) obtained at elevated and physiological temperatures using mathematical models.Han, X; Pan, J; Buchanan, F; Weir, N; Farrar, DJournal Article
Apr-2011Biomechanical study of a unilocking T-plate system for prophylactic internal fixation of the radial osteocutaneous donor site using the sheep tibia model.Avery, CM; Skidmore, M; Peden, A; Pan, JJournal Article
Jan-2012Quantification of forces required for stabbing with screwdrivers and other blunter instruments.Parmar, K; Hainsworth, SV; Rutty, GNJournal Article
Mar-2011A model for biodegradation of composite materials made of polyesters and tricalcium phosphates.Pan, J; Han, X; Niu, W; Cameron, REJournal Article
Feb-2011Polymer chain scission, oligomer production and diffusion: a two-scale model for degradation of bioresorbable polyesters.Han, X; Pan, JJournal Article
Jan-2012A study considering the force required for broken glass bottles to penetrate a skin simulant.Nolan, G; Lawes, S; Hainsworth, S; Rutty, GJournal Article
Jan-2010An entropy spring model for the Young's modulus change of biodegradable polymers during biodegradation.Wang, Y; Han, X; Pan, J; Sinka, CJournal Article
28-Oct-2010On-line, voluntary control of human temporal lobe neurons.Cerf, M; Thiruvengadam, N; Mormann, F; Kraskov, A; Quiroga, RQ; Koch, C; Fried, IJournal Article