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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Partial Discharge Patterns in Conducting and Non-Conducting Electrical TreesDodd, Stephen J.; Chalashkanov, Nikola M.; Fothergill, John C.Conference Paper
21-Sep-2000Space charge in dielectrics: Old theories and new measurementsFothergill, John C.Conference Paper
25-Jul-1998Discharges, Space Charge, and the Shape of Electrical TreesBromley, K.S.; Dissado, L.A.; Fothergill, John C.Conference Paper
1-Mar-2007Time and space are complementary encoding dimensions in the moth antennal lobeKnuesel, P.; Carlsson, M. A.; Hansson, B. S.; Pearce, Timothy Charles; Verschure, P. F. M. J.Journal Article
1-Jan-2007Analog VLSI circuit implementation. of an adaptive neuromorphic olfaction chipKoickal, TJ; Hamilton, A; Tan, SL; Covington, JA; Gardner, JW; Pearce, Timothy CharlesConference Paper
1-Jan-2006Analog VLSI design of an adaptive neuromorphic chip for olfactory systemsKoickal, TJ; Hamilton, A; Pearce, Timothy Charles; Tan, SL; Covington, JA; Gardner, JWConference Paper
1-Jan-2007Automatic identification of functionally equivalent olfactory glomeruli across individualsChong, KY; Carlsson, MA; Hansson, BS; Pearce, Timothy CHarlesConference Paper
1-Jan-2007Attractor-based pattern classification in a spiking FPGA implementation of the olfactory bulbGuerrero-Rivera, R; Pearce, Timothy CharlesConference Paper
1-Oct-2014Charge Transport in Thermally Aged Paper Impregnated with Natural Ester OilAbdelmalik, A. A.; Dodd, Stephen John; Dissado, L. A.; Chalashkanov, N. M.; Fothergill, J. C.Journal Article
1-Dec-2015Analysis and prediction of the discharge characteristics of the lithium-ion battery based on the Grey system theoryChen, L.; Tian, B.; Lin, W.; Ji, Bing; Li, J.; Pan, H.Journal Article