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25-Jun-2017Numerical study of the flow past an axial turbine stator casing and perspectives for its managementKadhim, Hakim K. T.; Rona, Aldo; Obaida, Hayder M. B.; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
25-Jun-2017A numerical study of secondary flows in a 1.5 stage axial turbine guiding the design of a non-axisymmetric hubObaida, Hayder M. B.; Kadhim, Hakim T. K.; Rona, Aldo; Leschke, Katrin; Gostelow, J. PaulConference Paper
19-Nov-2015QRS-T pattern subtraction in unipolar atrial fibrillation electrogramsSchlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
25-Jun-2015Modelling of Secondary Dendrite Arms Evolution during Solidification by a Phase-field MethodZheng, Q-W.; Jing, T.; Dong, Hong-biaoConference Paper
25-Jun-2015Modelling of Microstructure Evolution during Thermoplastic Deformation of Steel by a Finite Element MethodJin, Z.; Li, K.; Wu, X.; Dong, HongbiaoConference Paper
25-Jun-2015Phase Characterization of CRA Fastener INCONEL718 in Relation of Hydrogen Assisted CrackingSaleem, Baber; Dong, HongbiaoConference Paper
25-Jun-2015Measuring Solid Liquid Interfacial Energy by Grain Boundary Groove Profile Method (GBG)Son, S.; Dong, H.Conference Paper
1-Aug-2016Alternative approach to anti-windup synthesis for double integrator systemsOfodile, Nkemdilim A.; Turner, Matthew C.; Sofrony, J.Conference Paper
1-Jun-2016Validating the ffowcs williams and hawkings acoustic analogy implementation in antaresDi Stefano, Danilo; Rona, Aldo; Hallf, Edward; Morfey, Christopher L.; Puigt, GuillaumeConference Paper
1-Jun-2016Optimized prefactored compact schemes for wave propagation phenomenaRona, Aldo; Hall, Edward; Spisso, IvanConference Paper
13-Sep-2016Optimized prefactored compact schemes for wave propagation phenomenaSpisso, I.; Rona, Aldo; Hall, E.; Bernardini, M.; Pirozzoli, S.Conference Paper
2-Mar-2017Dynamic Behavior of Rotors during Human Persistent Atrial Fibrillation as observed using Non-Contact MappingDastagir, Nawshin; Almeida, Tiago P.; Li, Xin; Vanheusden, F. J.; Chu, Gavin S .; Stafford, Peter J.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
2-Mar-2017Contributing Factors Concerning Inconsistencies in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Ablation OutcomesAlmeida, Tiago P.; Chu, Gavin S.; Li, Xin; Salinet, J. L.; Dastagir, Nawshin; Bell, Michael J.; Vanheusden, F. J.; Tuan, Jiun H.; Stafford, Peter J .; Ng, G. A.; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
17-Oct-2016The spatio-temporal behavior of atrial electrogram fractionation in persistent Atrial FibrillationAlmeida, Tiago P.; Chu, Gavin S.; Bell, Michael J.; Li, Xin; Salinet, J.; Dastagir, Nawshin; Tuan, Jiun H.; Stafford, Peter J.; Ng, G. André; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
17-Oct-2016Testing Gaussian-based kernels for modelling T-waves and P-waves in ECG signalsDos Santos, E. M. B. E.; Madeiro, J. P. V.; Cortez, P. C.; Felix, J. H. S.; Marques, J. A. L.; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Conference Paper
8-Dec-2016Base Pressures and Energy Separation in Transonic Turbine BladingGostelow, Jonathan P.; Rona, Aldo; Mahallati, A.Conference Paper
17-Aug-2016Progress towards a propagation prediction service for HF communications with aircraft on trans-polar routesWarrington, E. Michael; Rogers, N. C.; Stocker, A. J.; Hallam, J.; Siddle, D. R.; Al-Behadili, H. A. H.; Zaalov, N. Y.; Honary, F.; Boteler, D. H.; Danskin, D. W.Conference Paper
6-Dec-2015A platform-based design framework to boost many-core software developmentMadalozzo, Guilherme; Mandelli, Marcelo; Ost, Luciano; Moraes, Fernando G.Conference Paper
14-Oct-2015A Fast and Scalable Fault Injection Framework to Evaluate Multi/Many-core Soft Error ReliabilityRosa, Felipe R.; Kastensmidt, Fernanda; Reis, Ricardo; Ost, LucianoConference Paper
2015Impact of Dynamic Voltage Scaling and Thermal Factors on FinFET-based SRAM ReliabilityRosa, F. R.; Brum, R. M.; Wirth, G.; Ost, Luciano; Reis, R.Conference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 198
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