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9-May-2018Non-invasive risk stratification of sudden cardiac death: Prospective evaluation of a novel ECG-based restitution biomarker in patients with ischaemic cardiomyopathySiddiqui, S.; Nicolson, W. B.; Li, X.; Somani, R.; Sandilands, A.; Stafford, P. J.; Schlindwein, F. S.; Ng, G. A.Conference Paper
5-Sep-2018Affordable detached eddy simulations of dual-stream jet structures related to shock cell noiseRona, Aldo; Mancini, Alessandro; Di Stefano, DaniloConference Paper
19-Jul-2018Concept feasibility study of using dual-stream jets in cold sprayFlorentina-Luiza, Zavalan; Rona, AldoConference Paper
4-Jul-2018An adaptive sampling technique for optimizing the design of axial turbine endwallsKadhim, Hakim T.; Rona, AldoConference Paper
20-Sep-2017Numerical investigation of thermal comfort in an isolated family house under natural cross-ventilationHawendi, Sherzad; Gao, ShianConference Paper
26-Jun-2018Improving the Performance of Gas Turbine Power Plant by Modified Axial TurbineKadhim, Hakim T.; Jabbar, Faris A.; Rona, Aldo; Bagdanavicius, AudriusConference Paper
16-Dec-2017Model flows for CVD: enforced axial flow and temperature dependent viscosityMiller, Robert; Griffiths, Paul T.; Garrett, Stephen J.Conference Paper
31-Jan-2008Heart Rate Variability in 10 Year Olds -Normal and Intrauterine Growth RestrictedBiala, Taher; Larsen, Jone; Day, Cheryl; Schlindwein, Fernando S.; Wailoo, Michael; Bankart, MichaelConference Paper
1-Jun-2016Measurement techniques for mode detection in aeroengine inter-stage sectionsChen, Jian; Joseph, PhillipConference Paper
26-May-2015Model based automated diagnosis of bearing knock faults in internal combustion enginesChen, Jian; Randall, Robert BondConference Paper
16-Dec-2017Mid-span losses in turbine blades at subsonic and supersonic speedsGostelow, J. Paul; Rona, AldoConference Paper
3-Sep-2017Efficiency losses resulting from base pressure deficit and energy separation over the speed rangeGostelow, J. P.; Rona, A.Conference Paper
1-Dec-2017Estabilidade temporal dos atributos de recorrência em eletrogramas atriais provenientes de pacientes com fibrilação atrial crônicaAlmeida, T. P.; Schlindwein, F. S.; Salinet, J. L.; Li, X.; Chu, G.; Stafford, P. J.; Ng, G. A.; Soriano, D. C.Conference Paper
1-Sep-2017Footbridge dynamic performance assessment using inertial measurement unitsBrownjohn, James M. W.; Bocian, Mateusz; Hester, DavidConference Paper
3-Sep-2017Mitigating secondary flows in a 1½ stage axial turbine by a guide groove casingKadhim, Hakim; Rona, Aldo; Gostelow, J. Paul; Leschke, KatrinConference Paper
3-Sep-2017Flow structure driven end-wall contouring for a highly loaded axial compressorKawase, Motoyuki; Rona, AldoConference Paper
23-Aug-2017Recurrence quantification analysis for characterizing atrial electrogram fractionation in human chronic atrial fibrillationAlmeida, Tiago P.; Schlindwein, Fernando S.; Salinet, João L.; Li, Xin; Chu, Gavin S.; Tuan, Jiun H.; Stafford, Peter J.; Ng, G.A.; Soriano, Diogo C.Conference Paper
25-Jul-2017Modelling the unsteady flow and shock-associated noise from dual-stream turbulent jetsRona, Aldo; Mancini, Alessandro; Hall, EdwardConference Paper
25-Jul-2017European doctoral training in aeroacoustics by a Marie Curie integrated training networkRona, Aldo; Hall, Edward; Puigt, Guillaume; Camussi, Roberto; Schram, Christophe; Airiau, Christophe; Felli, Mario; Lai, Choi-HongConference Paper
6-Feb-2017Extending fireeRTOS to Support Dynamic and Distributed Mapping in Multiprocessor SystemsAbich, G.; Mandelli, M. G.; Rosa, F. R.; Moraes, F.; Ost, L.; Reis, R.Conference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 223
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