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Title: Genetic loci influencing kidney function and chronic kidney disease.
Authors: Chambers, JC
Zhang, W
Lord, GM
van der Harst P
Lawlor, DA
Sehmi, JS
Gale, DP
Wass, MN
Ahmadi, KR
Bakker, SJ
Beckmann, J
Bilo, HJ
Bochud, M
Brown, MJ
Caulfield, MJ
Connell, JM
Cook, HT
Cotlarciuc, I
Davey Smith G
de Silva R
Deng, G
Devuyst, O
Dikkeschei, LD
Dimkovic, N
Dockrell, M
Dominiczak, A
Ebrahim, S
Eggermann, T
Farrall, M
Ferrucci, L
Floege, J
Forouhi, NG
Gansevoort, RT
Han, X
Hedblad, B
Homan van der Heide JJ
Hepkema, BG
Hernandez-Fuentes, M
Hypponen, E
Johnson, T
de Jong PE
Kleefstra, N
Lagou, V
Lapsley, M
Li, Y
Loos, RJ
Luan, J
Luttropp, K
Maréchal, C
Melander, O
Munroe, PB
Nordfors, L
Parsa, A
Peltonen, L
Penninx, BW
Perucha, E
Pouta, A
Prokopenko, I
Roderick, PJ
Ruokonen, A
Samani, NJ
Sanna, S
Schalling, M
Schlessinger, D
Schlieper, G
Seelen, MA
Shuldiner, AR
Sjögren, M
Smit, JH
Snieder, H
Soranzo, N
Spector, TD
Stenvinkel, P
Sternberg, MJ
Swaminathan, R
Tanaka, T
Ubink-Veltmaat, LJ
Uda, M
Vollenweider, P
Wallace, C
Waterworth, D
Zerres, K
Waeber, G
Wareham, NJ
Maxwell, PH
McCarthy, MI
Jarvelin, MR
Mooser, V
Abecasis, GR
Lightstone, L
Scott, J
Navis, G
Elliott, P
Kooner, JS
First Published: May-2010
Citation: NAT GENET, 2010, 42 (5), pp. 373-375
Abstract: Using genome-wide association, we identify common variants at 2p12-p13, 6q26, 17q23 and 19q13 associated with serum creatinine, a marker of kidney function (P = 10(-10) to 10(-15)). Of these, rs10206899 (near NAT8, 2p12-p13) and rs4805834 (near SLC7A9, 19q13) were also associated with chronic kidney disease (P = 5.0 x 10(-5) and P = 3.6 x 10(-4), respectively). Our findings provide insight into metabolic, solute and drug-transport pathways underlying susceptibility to chronic kidney disease.
DOI Link: 10.1038/ng.566
eISSN: 1546-1718
Type: Journal Article
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