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Title: Ionic liquids based upon metal halide/substituted quaternary ammonium salt mixtures.
Authors: Abbott, AP
Capper, G
Davies, DL
Rasheed, R
First Published: 31-May-2004
Citation: INORG CHEM, 2004, 43 (11), pp. 3447-3452
Abstract: The synthesis of ionic liquids based upon functionalized quaternary ammonium salts and metal salts of zinc, tin, or iron is demonstrated. The freezing point of these ionic liquids was studied as a function of the quaternary ammonium cation. The complex anions were identified and quantified using mass spectrometry and potentiometry. It is shown that the primary zinc anion is Zn(2)Cl(5)(-) with Zn(3)Cl(7)(-) becoming more abundant in more Lewis basic solutions. Similar results were observed for ionic liquids containing SnCl(2). The surface tension was also measured and was used to explain the high viscosity of the ionic liquids in terms of the large ion:hole size ratio and the small probability of finding a hole of suitable dimensions adjacent to a given ion to permit movement. The phase behavior of a variety of quaternary ammonium halides/ZnCl(2) mixtures is characterized and it is shown that the depression of freezing point is related to the increase in size of the component ions.
DOI Link: 10.1021/ic049931s
ISSN: 0020-1669
Type: Journal Article
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