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Title: A genome-wide association study identifies LIPA as a susceptibility gene for coronary artery disease.
Authors: Wild, PS
Zeller, T
Schillert, A
Szymczak, S
Sinning, CR
Deiseroth, A
Schnabel, RB
Lubos, E
Keller, T
Eleftheriadis, MS
Bickel, C
Rupprecht, HJ
Wilde, S
Rossmann, H
Diemert, P
Cupples, LA
Perret, C
Erdmann, J
Stark, K
Kleber, ME
Epstein, SE
Voight, BF
Kuulasmaa, K
Li, M
Schäfer, AS
Klopp, N
Braund, PS
Sager, HB
Demissie, S
Proust, C
König, IR
Wichmann, HE
Reinhard, W
Hoffmann, MM
Virtamo, J
Burnett, MS
Siscovick, D
Wiklund, PG
Qu, L
El Mokthari NE
Thompson, JR
Peters, A
Smith, AV
Yon, E
Baumert, J
Hengstenberg, C
März, W
Amouyel, P
Devaney, J
Schwartz, SM
Saarela, O
Mehta, NN
Rubin, D
Silander, K
Hall, AS
Ferrieres, J
Harris, TB
Melander, O
Kee, F
Hakonarson, H
Schrezenmeir, J
Gudnason, V
Elosua, R
Arveiler, D
Evans, A
Rader, DJ
Illig, T
Schreiber, S
Bis, JC
Altshuler, D
Kavousi, M
Witteman, JC
Uitterlinden, AG
Hofman, A
Folsom, AR
Barbalic, M
Boerwinkle, E
Kathiresan, S
Reilly, MP
O'Donnell, CJ
Samani, NJ
Schunkert, H
Cambien, F
Lackner, KJ
Tiret, L
Salomaa, V
Munzel, T
Ziegler, A
Blankenberg, S
First Published: 1-Aug-2011
Citation: CIRC CARDIOVASC GENET, 2011, 4 (4), pp. 403-412
Abstract: eQTL analyses are important to improve the understanding of genetic association results. We performed a genome-wide association and global gene expression study to identify functionally relevant variants affecting the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD).
DOI Link: 10.1161/CIRCGENETICS.110.958728
eISSN: 1942-3268
Type: Journal Article
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