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Title: Stable and fast semi-implicit integration of the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz equation.
Authors: Mentink, JH
Tretyakov, MV
Fasolino, A
Katsnelson, MI
Rasing, T
First Published: 5-May-2010
Citation: J PHYS CONDENS MATTER, 2010, 22 (17), pp. 176001-176001
Abstract: We propose new semi-implicit numerical methods for the integration of the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz equation with built-in angular momentum conservation. The performance of the proposed integrators is tested on the 1D Heisenberg chain. For this system, our schemes show better stability properties and allow us to use considerably larger time steps than standard explicit methods. At the same time, these semi-implicit schemes are also of comparable accuracy to and computationally much cheaper than the standard midpoint implicit method. The results are of key importance for atomistic spin dynamics simulations and the study of spin dynamics beyond the macro spin approximation.
DOI Link: 10.1088/0953-8984/22/17/176001
eISSN: 1361-648X
Type: Journal Article
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