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Title: Time-temperature superposition and the controlling role of solvation in the viscoelastic properties of polyaniline thin films.
Authors: Hillman, AR
Mohamoud, MA
Efimov, I
First Published: 15-Jul-2011
Citation: ANAL CHEM, 2011, 83 (14), pp. 5696-5707
Abstract: Comprehensive exploration of the viscoelastic properties of polyaniline films exposed to aqueous perchloric acid has been made as a function of applied potential (E), temperature (T), and mechanical oscillation frequency (f = ω/2π) using high-frequency acoustic wave resonators. The outcomes are expressed in terms of storage and loss shear modulus signatures, G'(E, T, ω) and G″(E, T, ω). Surprisingly, these are barely sensitive to potential, through which both polymer charge and solvation are manipulated, and only modestly sensitive to temperature. In contrast, the response to timescale is dramatic. Using the principle of time-temperature superposition, G' and G″ at different temperatures and frequencies (time scales) can each be placed on master relaxation curves. Models developed for mechanical properties of bulk polymers at low frequency were applied to these thin film responses at high frequency. These include the Williams-Landel-Ferry model, the activation model, and the Rouse-Zimm model based, respectively, on concepts of free volume, thermal activation, and relaxation. Each of the models could be applied with physically reasonable outcomes in terms of the relevant parameters (thermal expansion coefficient, glass transition temperature, and activation enthalpy). G' and G″ values are correlated with solvent content. The enthalpy change for solvent entry is small, positive and relatively independent of polymer charge state, all of which contrast sharply with the behavior of thiophene-based conducting polymers in organic solvents.
DOI Link: 10.1021/ac200901d
eISSN: 1520-6882
Type: Journal Article
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