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Title: Process languages with discrete relative time based on the Ordered SOS format and rooted eager bisimulation
Authors: Ulidowski, Irek
Yuen, S.
First Published: 2004
Citation: Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming, 2004, 60-61, pp.401-460
Abstract: We propose a uniform framework, based on the Ordered Structural Operational Semantics (OSOS) approach of Ulidowski and Phillips [Information and Computation 178 (1) (2002) 180], for process languages with discrete relative time. Our framework allows the user to select favourite process operators, whether they are standard operators or new application-specific operators, provided that they are OSOS definable and their OSOS rules satisfy several simple conditions. The obtained timed process languages preserve a timed version of rooted eager bisimulation preorder and the time determinacy property. We also propose several additional conditions on the type of OSOS definitions for the operators so that several other properties which reflect the nature of time passage, such as the maximal progress, patience and time persistence properties, are also satisfied.
DOI Link: 10.1016/j.jlap.2004.03.002
ISSN: 1567-8326
Type: Article
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