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Title: The Swift gamma-ray burst mission
Authors: Gehrels, N
White, NE
Barthelmy, SD
Marshall, FE
Angelini, L
Barbier, LM
Cline, TL
Cummings, JR
Gendreau, K
Krimm, HA
Markwardt, CB
Mattson, BJ
Mushotzky, RF
Norris, JP
Parsons, AM
Smale, AP
Tueller, J
Zhang, WW
Chincarini, G
Belloni, T
Campana, S
Citterio, O
Ghisellini, G
Tagliaferri, G
Zerbi, FM
Chincarini, G
Giommi, P
Mason, KO
Cropper, MS
Nousek, JA
Burrows, DN
Mészáros, P
Roming, PWA
Chester, MM
Feigelson, ED
Garmire, GP
Hill, JE
Hunsberger, SD
Townsley, LK
Wells, AA
Willingale, R
Cominsky, LR
Hurley, KC
Angelini, L
Krimm, HA
Smale, AP
Caraveo, PA
Cummings, JR
Dean, AJ
Fenimore, EE
Palmer, DM
Frail, DA
Fruchter, AS
Rhoads, JE
Greiner, J
Voges, W
Kulkarni, SR
Kumar, P
Schaefer, BE
Lebrun, F
Paul, J
Lloyd-Ronning, NM
Markwardt, CB
Mattson, BJ
Reynolds, CS
Mattson, BJ
Osborne, J
Short, AT
Turner, MJL
Ward, MJ
Paczynski, B
Park, H-S
Rees, MJ
Sasseen, TP
Smith, IA
Stella, L
Takahashi, T
Tashiro, M
Takahashi, T
Tashiro, M
Vietri, M
First Published: 20-Aug-2004
Citation: ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, 2004, 611 (2 I), pp. 1005-1020
DOI Link: 10.1086/422091
ISSN: 2041-8205
eISSN: 2041-8213
Type: Journal Article
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