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Title: Minimal access surgery compared with medical management for chronic gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: UK collaborative randomised trial
Authors: Grant, AM
Wileman, SM
Ramsay, CR
Campbell, MK
Mowat, NA
Krukowski, ZH
Heading, RC
Thursz, MR
Mowat, A
Krukowski, Z
El-Omar, E
Phull, P
Sinclair, T
Swan, L
Clements, B
Collins, J
Kennedy, A
Lawther, H
Bennett, D
Davies, N
Toop, S
Winwood, P
Alderson, D
Barham, P
Green, K
Mittal, R
Asante, M
El Hasani S
De Beaux A
Heading, R
Meekison, L
Paterson-Brown, S
Barkell, H
Ferns, G
Bailey, M
Karanjia, N
Rockall, TA
Skelly, L
Dakkak, M
Royston, C
Sedman, P
Gordon, K
Potts, LF
Smith, C
Zentler-Munro, PL
Munro, A
Dexter, S
Moayeddi, P
Lloyd, DM
Loh, V
Thursz, M
Darzi, A
Ahmed, A
Greaves, R
Sawyerr, A
Wellwood, J
Taylor, T
Hosking, S
Lowrey, S
Snook, J
Goggin, P
Johns, T
Quine, A
Somers, S
Toh, S
Bancewicz, J
Greenhalgh, M
Rees, W
Cheruvu, CVN
Deakin, M
Evans, S
Green, J
Leslie, F
Baxter, JN
Duane, P
Rahman, MM
Thomas, M
Williams, J
Maxton, D
Sigurdsson, A
Smith, MSH
Townson, G
Buckley, C
Gore, S
Kennedy, RH
Khan, ZH
Knight, J
Alexander, D
Miller, G
Parker, D
Turnbull, A
Turvill, J
First Published: 10-Jan-2009
Citation: BMJ (ONLINE), 2009, 338 (7686), pp. 81-83
DOI Link: 10.1136/bmj.a2664
eISSN: 1756-1833
Type: Journal Article
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