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Title: Language in Society: Editor's note
Authors: Abe, K
Aceto, M
Agha, A
Ahearn, L
Anderson, B
Arundale, RB
Ayres-Bennett, W
Barrett, R
Baugh, J
Beach, W
Bing, J
Bilmes, J
Blommaert, J
Bowker, L
Brenneis, D
Britain, D
Bucholtz, M
Caldas, S
Cheshire, J
Cline, M
Collins, D
Collins, J
Cotterill, J
Coupland, N
Dailey-O'Cain, J
Del Negro G
Delvalle, J
Drew, P
Dunmire, P
Duranti, A
Eades, D
Ehrlich, S
Farfan, JAF
Fasulo, A
Feagin, C
Foulkes, P
Fussell, S
Gardner-Chloros, P
Gaudio, R
Gill, V
Goodwin, C
Haeri, N
Hamilton, H
Harris, S
Harwood, J
Hayashi, M
Hazen, K
Heller, M
Heritage, J
Hutchby, I
Hutton, C
Ide, S
Irvine, J
Jacoby, S
Jaffe, A
Kanai, K
Karkkainen, E
Kataoka, K
Keane, W
Keating, E
Keiser, SH
Kiesling, SF
King, K
Kirkpatrick, A
Kong, K
Kulick, D
Lindstrom, A
Lindstrom, L
Lorenzo-Dus, N
Lucas, C
Luke, KK
Mannheim, B
Manning, P
Maschler, Y
Maynard, D
McElhinny, B
Meyerhoff, M
Miller, F
Milroy, L
Mufwene, S
Myers-Scotton, C
Nadasdi, T
Nichols, J
Niedzielski, N
Norrick, N
O'Connor, P
Ohara, Y
Yuling, P
Paulston, CB
Pomerantz, A
Queen, R
Raymond, G
Rhodes, L
Roberts, S
Romaine, S
Rymes, B
Sandel, T
Ana, OS
Scheuer, J
Schilling-Estes, N
Sherzer, J
Schwarz, M
Shoaps, R
Sidnell, J
Silva-Corvalán, C
Smith-Hefner, N
Suslak, D
Svennevig, J
Taglimonte, S
Terkourafi, M
Tempesta, I
Thurlow, C
Tomlinson, M
Traugott, E
Walters, K
Watanabe, S
Watt, D
Wee, L
Li, W
Wexler, P
Wilce, J
Whalen, M
Wodak, R
Wolfram, W
Yukawa, S
Zimmerman, D
First Published: Nov-2006
Citation: LANGUAGE IN SOCIETY, 2006, 35 (5), pp. 799-800
DOI Link: 10.1017/S0047404506060362
ISSN: 0047-4045
eISSN: 1469-8013
Type: Journal Article
Appears in Collections:Published Articles, Dept. of Sociology

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