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Title: HESS upper limits for Kepler's supernova remnant
Authors: Aharonian, F.
Benbow, W.
Berge, D.
Bernlöhr, K.
Bolz, O.
Braun, I.
Bühler, R.
Carrigan, S.
Clapson, A. C.
Costamante, L.
Domainko, W.
Van Eldik C
Völk, H. J.
Akhperjanian, A. G.
Sahakian, V.
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Bazer-Bachi, A. R.
Borrel, V.
Olive, J. -. P.
Chadwick, P. M.
Beilicke, M.
Khélifi, B.
Cornils, R.
Heinzelmann, G.
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Ripken, J.
Bernlöhr, K.
Dickinson, H. J.
Schwanke, U.
Boisson, C.
Lenain, J. -. P.
Martin, J. M.
Lemoine-Goumard, M.
Sol, H.
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Zech, A.
Brion, E.
Glicenstein, J. F.
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Moulin, E.
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De Jager OC
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Terrier, R.
Venter, C.
Chounet, L. -. M.
Farnier, C.
Degrange, B.
Fontaine, G.
Giebels, B.
Aharonian, F.
Volpe, F.
Coignet, G.
Dubois, F.
Feinstein, F.
Lamanna, G.
Martineau-Huynh, O.
Rosier-Lees, S.
Vialle, J. P.
Djannati-Ataï, A.
Espigat, P.
De Oña Wilhelmi E
Fiasson, A.
Drury, L. O. '.
Masterson, C.
Behera, B.
Emmanoulopoulos, D.
Maurin, D.
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De Naurois M
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Glück, B.
Jung, I.
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Boutelier, T.
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Dubus, G.
Henri, G.
Pelletier, G.
Dyks, J.
Petrucci, P. -. O.
Hoffmann, A.
Förster, A.
Kendziorra, E.
Santangelo, A.
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Moderski, R.
Vincent, P.
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Hauser, D.
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Zdziarski, A. A.
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Rowell, G.
Füßling, M.
Katarzyński, K.
Vivier, M.
Costamante, L.
Volpe, F.
Barres De Almeida U
Berge, D.
Lemoine-Goumard, M.
Hofmann, W.
Hoppe, S.
Kosack, K.
Kerschhaggl, M.
Nekrassov, D.
Ohm, S.
Barres De Almeida U
Panter, M.
Raue, M.
Renaud, M.
First Published: Sep-2008
Publisher: EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Citation: Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2008, 488 (1), pp. 219-223
Abstract: Aims. Observations of Kepler's supernova remnant (G4.5+6.8) with the HESS telescope array in 2004 and 2005 with a total live time of 13 h are presented. Methods. Stereoscopic imaging of Cherenkov radiation from extensive air showers is used to reconstruct the energy and direction of the incident gamma rays. Results. No evidence for a very high energy (VHE: >100 GeV) gamma-ray signal from the direction of the remnant is found. An upper limit (99% confidence level) on the energy flux in the range $230~{\rm GeV}{-}12.8~{\rm TeV}$ of 8.6 $\times$ $10^{-13}~{\rm erg}~{\rm cm}^{-2}~{\rm s}^{-1}$ is obtained. Conclusions. In the context of an existing theoretical model for the remnant, the lack of a detectable gamma-ray flux implies a distance of at least $6.4~{\rm kpc}$. A corresponding upper limit for the density of the ambient matter of $0.7~{\rm cm}^{-3}$ is derived. With this distance limit, and assuming a spectral index $\Gamma = 2$, the total energy in accelerated protons is limited to $E_{\rm p} < 8.6$ $\times$ $10^{49}~{\rm erg}$. In the synchrotron/inverse Compton framework, extrapolating the power law measured by RXTE between 10 and $20~{\rm keV}$ down in energy, the predicted gamma-ray flux from inverse Compton scattering is below the measured upper limit for magnetic field values greater than $52~\mu {\rm G}$.
DOI Link: 10.1051/0004-6361:200809401
ISSN: 0004-6361
eISSN: 1432-0746
Version: Publisher Version
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Journal Article
Rights: Copyright © 2008 ESO. Reproduced with permission from Astronomy & Astrophysics, © ESO.
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