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Title: Mutations in RNF135, a gene within the NF1 microdeletion region, cause phenotypic abnormalities including overgrowth
Authors: Douglas, J
Cilliers, D
Coleman, K
Tatton-Brown, K
Barker, K
Rahman, N
Tatton-Brown, K
Mansour, S
Bernhard, B
Burn, J
Huson, S
Josifova, D
Lacombe, D
Malik, M
Reid, E
Cormier-Daire, V
Cole, T
Addor, M
Al Swaid A
Amiel, J
Andries, S
Archer, H
Barnicoat, A
Barrow, M
Barwell, J
Baujat, G
Becker, K
Berg, J
Bernhard, B
Bhat, M
Bitner, M
Blair, E
Brady, A
Brueton, L
Cavani, S
Chandler, K
Christensen, C
Clarke, A
Clayton-Smith, J
Cole, T
Colleaux, L
Colley, A
Collins, A
Cormier-Daire, V
Danda, S
Davies, S
Day, R
Magali, DR
Dennis, N
Dobbie, A
Edery, P
Elmslie, F
Faravelli, F
Firth, H
Fischetto, R
Fitzpatrick, D
Forzano, F
Foulds, N
Franklin, J
Fryer, A
Garcia, S
Gardiner, C
Garrett, C
Gener, B
Gibbons, R
Gillerot, Y
Gillessen-Kaesbach, G
Goudie, D
Grasso, M
Henderson, A
Hirst, J
Hodgson, S
Holder, S
Homfrey, T
Hughes, H
Kerr, B
Kumar, A
Kumar, D
Lacombe, D
Lam, W
Le Merrer M
Leonard, N
Liebelt, J
Lunt, P
Lynch, S
Lyonnet, S
Magee, A
Malacarne, M
Mansour, S
McEntagart, M
Majore, S
McKee, S
McKeown, C
Meinecke, P
Metcalfe, K
Milani, D
Mohammad, S
Munnich, A
Murray, A
Nemeth, A
Neri, G
Odent, S
Park, S
Patton, M
Penny, E
Pilz, D
Plecko, B
Pollitt, C
Price, S
Quarrell, O
Raas-Rothschild, A
Rahman, N
Raith, W
Rankin, J
Raymond, L
Reardon, W
Reid, E
Rosser, E
Ruddy, D
Saggar-Malik, A
Santos, H
Scarano, G
Schaeffer, GB
Schulze, A
Selicorni, A
Shaw, A
Silengo, M
Smithson, S
Splitt, M
Stewart, F
Stewart, H
Suri, M
Sweeney, E
Tatton-Brown, K
Temple, IK
Thompson, E
Tischkowitz, M
Tolmie, J
Turkmen, S
Turnpenny, P
Van Maldergem L
Vasudevan, P
Vaz, I
Waggoner, D
Verellen, C
Viot, G
Wakeling, E
Weaver, D
White, K
Wilson, L
Zack, P
Zampino, G
Zankl, A
First Published: Aug-2007
Citation: NATURE GENETICS, 2007, 39 (8), pp. 963-965
DOI Link: 10.1038/ng2083
ISSN: 1061-4036
eISSN: 1546-1718
Type: Journal Article
Appears in Collections:Published Articles, Dept. of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine

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