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Title: Human minisatellite loci composed of interspersed GGA-GGT triplet repeats.
Authors: Armour, JA
Crosier, M
Malcolm, S
Chan, JC
Jeffreys, AJ
First Published: 22-Sep-1995
Citation: PROC BIOL SCI, 1995, 261 (1362), pp. 345-349
Abstract: We have isolated two tandemly repeated loci from human DNA which contain long blocks of GGA and GGT trinucleotide repeats. These two repeat unit types, together with other less common variants, are apparently irregularly interspersed along each repeat array. Genotyping methods have been developed for these highly polymorphic loci, including typing by polymerase chain reaction followed by Southern blot hybridization. Linkage analysis in Centre d'Etude du Polymorphisme Humain (CEPH) pedigrees has been used to map the loci to chromosomes 15 and 22. In normal individuals, alleles at these loci can contain thousands of repeats, greatly exceeding repeat copy number at most trinucleotide and other simple repeat loci. No evidence for longer, higher-order repeats was observed among the limited number of repeats sequenced. These loci may represent a transitional state between simple repeat loci and some minisatellites.
DOI Link: 10.1098/rspb.1995.0157
ISSN: 0962-8452
Type: Journal Article
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