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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
23-Dec-2012Beliefs in being unlucky and deficits in executive functioningMaltby, John; Day, Liz; Pinto, Diana G; Hogan, Rebecca A.; Wood, Alex M.Journal Article
2014Multi-Heuristic Strategy Choice: Response to KruegerColman, Andrew M.; Pulford, Briony D.; Lawrence, C.L.Journal Article
1-Apr-2013Understanding animal welfare in the UK and Cyprus: an investigation of individual differences underlying the behavior and its relation to humane education in childrenZalaf, AlexiaThesis
1-Dec-2013Shame and disgust-sensitivity in adult dialysis patients : are these variables predictive of psychological morbidity, body image disturbance and quality of life?Leonard, Claire LouiseThesis
1-Oct-2013Screening for difficulties in general intellectual functioning and academic attainment in children with sickle cell disease and epilepsyMatthews, HelenThesis
1-Dec-2013Exposure to trauma and social phobia among children attending mental health services in Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaAlsayed, Zeiad HashimThesis
1-Oct-2013A qualitative exploration of staff responses to a formulation based upon a psychodynamic ward observation studyFoley, KatherineThesis
11-Nov-2014Quality of life of Syrian refugees living in camps in the Kurdistan Region of IraqAziz, Izaddin A; Hutchinson, Claire V.; Maltby, JohnJournal Article
Jan-2011Salience modulation and associative inhibition interaction: short but not long exposure to similar stimuli protects the salience of the unique elements.Contel, DM; Sansa, J; Artigas, AA; Prados, JJournal Article
31-Oct-2011Spatial integration in human geometry learning.Prados, J; Alvarez, B; Reynolds, GJournal Article