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Jun-1999Brief report. The overdose process-adolescents' experience of taking an overdose and their contact with services.Dorer, C; Feehan, C; Vostanis, P; Winkley, LJournal Article
1-Sep-1998The mental health of children in homeless families and their contact with health, education and social servicesCumella, S; Grattan, E; Vostanis, PJournal Article
1-Dec-1997Psychiatrists' views on the need for the development of an adolescent forensic serviceLengua, C; Bhatti, V; Vostanis, P; Rothery, D; Cope, RJournal Article
1998Information processing in recovered depressed children and adolescentsNeshat-Doost, H; Taghavi, R; Moradi, A; Yule, W; Canterbury, R; Vostanis, P; Dalgleish, TJournal Article
1994Cognitive-behavioural treatment of depressive disorder in child psychiatric patients - Rationale and description of a treatment packageVostanis, P; Harrington, RJournal Article
1994The path to care in autism: Is it better now?Smith, B; Man, CC; Vostanis, PJournal Article
1995Nine-month changes of maternal expressed emotion in conduct and emotional disorders of childhood: A follow up studyVostanis, P; Nicholls, JJournal Article
9-Sep-1996A randomised controlled out-patient trial of cognitive-behavioural treatment for children and adolescents with depression: 9-month follow-upVostanis, P; Feehan, C; Grattan, E; Bickerton, W-LJournal Article
Jul-1997Psychosocial functioning of homeless children.Vostanis, P; Grattan, E; Cumella, S; Winchester, CJournal Article
1-May-1997Detection of behavioural and emotional problems in deaf children and adolescents: Comparison of two rating scalesVostanis, P; Hayes, M; DuFeu, M; Warren, JJournal Article