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Title: Regulated site-specific recombination of the she pathogenicity island of Shigella flexneri.
Authors: Sakellaris, H
Luck, SN
Al-Hasani, K
Rajakumar, K
Turner, SA
Adler, B
First Published: Jun-2004
Citation: MOL MICROBIOL, 2004, 52 (5), pp. 1329-1336
Abstract: The she pathogenicity island (PAI) is a chromosomal, laterally acquired, integrative element of Shigella flexneri that carries genes with established or putative roles in virulence. We demonstrate that spontaneous, precise excision of the element from its integration site in the 3' terminus of the pheV tRNA gene is mediated by an integrase gene (int) and a gene designated rox (regulator of excision), both of which are carried on the she PAI. Integrase-mediated excision occurs via recombination between a 22 bp sequence at the 3' terminus of pheV and an imperfect direct repeat at the pheV-distal boundary of the PAI. Excision leads to the formation of a circular episomal form of the PAI, reminiscent of circular excision intermediates of other mobile elements that are substrates for lateral transfer processes such as conjugation, packaging into phage particles and recombinase-mediated integration into the chromosome. The circle junction consists of the pheV-proximal and pheV-distal boundaries of the PAI converging on a sequence identical to 22 bp at the 3' terminus of pheV. The isolated circle was transferred to Escherichia coli where it integrated specifically into phe tRNA genes, as it does in S. flexneri, independently of recA. We also demonstrate that Rox stimulates, but is not essential for, excision of the she PAI in an integrase-dependent manner. However, Rox does not stimulate excision by activating the transcription of the she PAI integrase gene, suggesting that it has an excisionase function similar to that of a related protein from the P4 satellite element of phage P2.
DOI Link: 10.1111/j.1365-2958.2004.04048.x
ISSN: 0950-382X
Type: Journal Article
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