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Feb-2015Eye movements during reading and topic scanning: Effects of word frequencyWhite, Sarah J.; Warrington, Kayleigh L.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
1-Aug-2012Processing contextual and lexical cues to focus: Evidence from eye movements in readingSauermann, Antje; Filik, Ruth; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
24-Feb-2014Local text cohesion, reading ability and individual science aspirations : Key factors influencing comprehension in science classesHall, Sophie S.; Kowalski, Rebecca; Paterson, Kevin B.; Basran, Jaskaran; Maltby, John; Filik, RuthJournal Article
5-Sep-2012Reading with a filtered fovea : the influence of visual quality at the point of fixation during readingJordan, Timothy R.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
19-Feb-2014Facial expressions depicting compassionate and critical emotions : the development and validation of a new emotional face stimulus setMcEwan, Kirsten; Gilbert, Paul; Dandeneau, Stephane; Lipka, Sigrid; Maratos, Frances; Paterson, Kevin B.; Baldwin, MarkJournal Article
4-Jul-2014Effects of social gaze on visual-spatial imaginationBuchanan, Heather; Markson, Lucy; Bertrand, Emma; Greaves, Sian; Parmar, Reena; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
Jun-2014Reading with filtered fixations : adult age differences in the effectiveness of low-level properties of text within central visionJordan, Timothy R.; McGowan, Victoria A.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
3-Mar-2014Visual neuroscience : a binocular advantage for word processing during reading.Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
8-Oct-2013Aging and the use of interword spaces during reading : evidence from eye movements.McGowan, Victoria A.; White, Sarah J.; Jordan, Timothy R.; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article
25-Sep-2013Reading direction and the central perceptual span : evidence from Arabic and EnglishJordan, Timothy R.; Almabruk, Abubaker A. A.; Gadalla, Eman A.; McGowan, Victoria A.; White, Sarah J.; Abedipour, Lily; Paterson, Kevin B.Journal Article