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22-Sep-2010Familial transmission of depression and antisocial behavior symptoms: disentangling the contribution of inherited and environmental factors and testing the mediating role of parenting.Harold, GT; Rice, F; Hay, DF; Boivin, J; van den Bree M; Thapar, AJournal Article
Dec-2011Using a genetically informative design to examine the relationship between breastfeeding and childhood conduct problems.Shelton, KH; Collishaw, S; Rice, FJ; Harold, GT; Thapar, AJournal Article
Jan-2012Offspring of parents with recurrent depression: which features of parent depression index risk for offspring psychopathology?Mars, B; Collishaw, S; Smith, D; Thapar, A; Potter, R; Sellers, R; Harold, GT; Craddock, N; Rice, F; Thapar, AJournal Article
1-Mar-1997Mom and dad are at it again: Adolescent perceptions of marital conflict and adolescent psychological distressHarold, GT; Fincham, FD; Osborne, LN; Conger, RDJournal Article
Sep-2010Refining intervention targets in Family-Based research: Lessons from quantitative behavioral geneticsLeve, LD; Patterson, G; Harold, GT; Ge, X; Neiderhiser, JMJournal Article
Oct-2006The effect of birth-weight with genetic susceptibility on depressive symptoms in childhood and adolescence.Rice, F; Harold, GT; Thapar, AJournal Article
Feb-2008Parent-child relationships and ADHD symptoms: a longitudinal analysis.Lifford, KJ; Harold, GT; Thapar, AJournal Article
Jan-2007The evidence for a neurobiological model of childhood antisocial behavior.van Goozen SH; Fairchild, G; Snoek, H; Harold, GTJournal Article
Jul-2006Family conflict interacts with genetic liability in predicting childhood and adolescent depression.Rice, F; Harold, GT; Shelton, KH; Thapar, AJournal Article
Feb-2007The Cardiff Study of All Wales and North West of England Twins (CaStANET): A longitudinal research program of child and adolescent developmentVan Den Bree MBM; Rice, F; Fowler, TA; Shelton, KH; Lifford, KJ; Scourfield, J; Thapar, A; Harold, GT; Van Den Bree MBMJournal Article