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1-Nov-2009Structured Parenting of Toddlers at High Versus Low Genetic Risk: Two Pathways to Child ProblemsLeve, LD; Harold, GT; Ge, X; Neiderhiser, JM; Shaw, D; Scaramella, LV; Reiss, DJournal Article
2009Examining differences in psychological adjustment problems among children conceived by assisted reproductive technologiesShelton, KH; Boivin, J; Hay, D; van den Bree MBM; Thapar, A; Rice, FJ; Harold, GTJournal Article
1-Jun-2000The longitudinal association between attributions and marital satisfaction: Direction of effects and role of efficacy expectationsFincham, FD; Harold, GT; Gano-Phillips, SJournal Article
1-Apr-1997Marital conflict and adolescent distress: The role of adolescent awarenessHarold, GT; Conger, RDJournal Article
1-Sep-1997Marital satisfaction and depression: Different causal relationships for men and women?Fincham, FD; Beach, SRH; Harold, GT; Osborne, LNJournal Article
Sep-2005The Link between depression in mothers and offspring: an extended twin analysis.Rice, F; Harold, GT; Thapar, AJournal Article
Feb-2010The links between prenatal stress and offspring development and psychopathology: disentangling environmental and inherited influences.Rice, F; Harold, GT; Boivin, J; van den Bree M; Hay, DF; Thapar, AJournal Article
Aug-2003Distinct patterns of hippocampal formation activity associated with different spatial tasks: a Fos imaging study in rats.Jenkins, TA; Amin, E; Harold, GT; Pearce, JM; Aggleton, JPJournal Article
Nov-2002Assessing the effects of age, sex and shared environment on the genetic aetiology of depression in childhood and adolescenceThapar, A; Rice, F; Rice, F; Harold, GTJournal Article
Aug-2005Twins born following fertility treatment: implications for quantitative genetic studies.Goody, A; Rice, F; Boivin, J; Harold, GT; Hay, DF; Thapar, AJournal Article