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May-2008Transliminality, thin boundaries, Unusual Experiences, and temporal lobe labilityThalbourne, Michael A.; Maltby, JohnArticle
Feb-2009The short form BSRI: Instrumentality, expressiveness and gender associations among a United Kingdom sampleColley, Ann; Mulhern, Gerry; Maltby, John; Wood, Alex M.Article
Sep-2008Impact of the Internet on our lives: Male and female personal perspectivesColley, Ann; Maltby, JohnArticle
Nov-2008Beliefs around luck: Confirming the empirical conceptualization of beliefs around luck and the development of the Darke and Freedman beliefs around luck scaleMaltby, John; Day, Liza; Gill, Poonam; Colley, Ann; Wood, Alex M.Article
Jul-2008The authentic personality: A theoretical and empirical conceptualization and the development of the Authenticity ScaleWood, Alex M.; Linley, P. Alex; Maltby, John; Baliousis, Michael; Joseph, StephenArticle
Feb-2008Conceptualizing gratitude and appreciation as a unitary personality traitWood, Alex M.; Maltby, John; Stewart, Neil; Joseph, StephenArticle
Jan-2006Extreme celebrity worship, fantasy proneness and dissociation: Developing the measurement and understanding of celebrity worship within a clinical personality contextMaltby, John; Day, Liza; McCutcheon, Lynn E.; Houran, James; Ashe, DianeArticle
Mar-2005Protecting the sacred and expressions of rituality: Examining the relationship between extrinsic dimensions of religiosity and unhealthy guiltMaltby, JohnArticle
Aug-2006Pathological public figure preoccupation: Its relationship with dissociation and absorptionSheridan, Lorraine; Maltby, John; Gillett, RaphaelArticle
Apr-2005Religious orientation, religious coping and happiness among UK adultsLewis, Christopher Alan; Maltby, John; Day, LizaArticle