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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Aug-2003The level of service inventory-revised profile of English prisoners: A needs analysisHollin, CR; Palmer, EJ; Clark, DJournal Article
Nov-2003An Overview of the Relationship between Moral Reasoning and OffendingPalmer, EJJournal Article
Nov-2011Relationships among moral reasoning, empathy, and distorted cognitions in men with intellectual disabilities and a history of criminal offendingLangdon, PE; Steverson, T; Langdon, PE; Murphy, GH; Murphy, GH; Clare, ICH; Clare, ICH; Steverson, T; Palmer, EJJournal Article
2005Depression, hopelessness and suicide ideation among vulnerable prisoners.Palmer, EJ; Connelly, RJournal Article
Aug-1996Sociomoral reasoning, perceptions of own parenting and self-reported delinquencyHollin, CR; Palmer, EJ; Hollin, CRJournal Article
1-Aug-1997The influence of perceptions of own parenting on sociomoral reasoning, attributions for criminal behaviour, and self-reported delinquencyPalmer, EJ; Hollin, CRJournal Article
1-Feb-1999Social competence and sociomoral reasoning in young offendersPalmer, EJ; Hollin, CRJournal Article
1-Oct-2000Perceptions of parenting, social cognition and delinquencyPalmer, EJJournal Article
1-Jul-1999An evaluation of the shortened embu scale in youngoffenders and non-offenders in EnglandPalmer, EJ; Hollin, CRJournal Article
Apr-2007Childhood experiences of parenting and causal attributions for criminal behavior among young offenders and non-offendersPalmer, EJ; Gough, K; Palmer, EJJournal Article