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Apr-2009Investigating the causes of wrap-up effects: Evidence from eye movements and E-Z ReaderWarren, T; Reichle, ED; White, SJJournal Article
2009Shame, pride and eating disordersGoss, K; Allan, SJournal Article
Sep-2009Men's and carers' experiences of care for prostate cancer: a narrative literature review.Sinfield, P; Baker, R; Camosso-Stefinovic, J; Colman, AM; Tarrant, C; Mellon, JK; Steward, W; Kockelbergh, R; Agarwal, SJournal Article
Feb-2009Functional representation of living and nonliving domains across the cerebral hemispheres: a combined event-related potential/transcranial magnetic stimulation study.Fuggetta, G; Rizzo, S; Pobric, G; Lavidor, M; Walsh, VJournal Article
Sep-2009The mediating effects of team and self-efficacy on the relationship between transformational leadership, and job satisfaction and psychological well-being in healthcare professionals: A cross-sectional questionnaire surveyNielsen, K; Yarker, J; Randall, R; Munir, FJournal Article
Dec-2009Binocular fixation disparity in single word displays.Paterson, KB; Jordan, TR; Kurtev, SJournal Article
Oct-2009Youth life satisfaction: A review of the literatureProctor, CL; Linley, PA; Maltby, JJournal Article
15-Dec-2009Evaluation of metaquant microdialysis for measurement of absolute concentrations of amphetamine and dopamine in brain: A viable method for assessing pharmacokinetic profile of drugs in the brainSood, P; Young, AMJ; Cole, S; Fraier, DJournal Article
Dec-2009The influence of employer support on employee management of chronic health conditions at workMunir, F; Randall, R; Yarker, J; Nielsen, KJournal Article
2009Youth life satisfaction measures: A reviewProctor, C; Maltby, J; Linley, PAJournal Article